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Reviews, Sponsored content and Advertorials

I will always clearly mark Review, advertorial and sponsored content on Mum of 3 Boys.  This may be at the start or end of the posts.  I enjoy and work to hard building relationships with brands.  I try to create interesting and engaging content to share with my readers and am proud to be associated with the brands I work with. 

From time to time I will undertake sponsored posts on Mum of 3 Boys, these are posts I have been paid to write.  However the content of the posts is my own thoughts and feelings.  I only accept sponsored posts if the subject fits with Mum of 3 Boys and the things I write about.

All review posts that appear on Mum of 3 Boys are written by myself.  Where appropriate I enlist the help of my children and other family members in order to provide a full and honest review of the item.  In the case of reviews, I will have been provided with a sample to test.  Reviews will always contain our honest feedback on the product, both positive and negative.  I will always include photographs or the product in my reviews and also relevant links.

I regain full editorial control over any advertorial posts that appear on Mum of 3 Boys.  These are paid content which has been produced by a brand to promote a product or service.  I will only accept advertorial contents that fits with Mum of 3 Boys.


All comments are moderated on Mum of 3 Boys.  I actively encourage discussion and enjoy engaging with my readers.  However from time to time there may be some spam comments that are posted which I like to avoid.  Moderating comments enables me to do this. 


I thoroughly enjoying hosting giveaways on Mum of 3 Boys.  I use apps to help me do so such as Rafflecopter or Glem.  These enable me to randomly select winners in a way that is fair to all who enter.  Terms and Conditions for every giveaway will be displayed on each giveaway for all to see. 


HTTP Cookies are used by browsers to collect information about visitors to Mum of 3 Boys and help understand their reading habits.  Most browsers have the option to allow or delete cookies.  Mum of 3 Boys does not collect use cookies and will only gather your information via giveaways and comments.  You can read their privacy policies here : Rafflecopter Privacy Policy

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