4 most visited cities in Ireland

Have you ever celebrated Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day? Do you drink Jameson or Tullamore whisky? Do you love watching and admiring stunning and dramatic natural landscapes? If you have answered yes to the questions above, you are ready to visit Ireland. A mesmerising island that lies in the northwestern part of… Read more“4 most visited cities in Ireland”

Review- PaperFX Upcycle Go Create!

Crafting and making things is something I enjoy doing and actively try to encourage the children to join in with. I also like to recycle items we have around the house where possible. So when E was sent a PaperFX Upcycle Go Create set a couple of weeks ago E… Read more“Review- PaperFX Upcycle Go Create!”

Introducing Cats Vs Pickles the Reversible Collection.

If you don’t know what Cats vs Pickles are then why not? E adores them, she say’s their “too cute” and I know I have previously shared posts about E’s love of them. So you can just imagine how over the moon she was when she was sent two of… Read more“Introducing Cats Vs Pickles the Reversible Collection.”

Pain: 5 Reasons Why It Is The Best Teacher

Pain: a feeling that everyone can relate to. Wherever you are, pain can show up at any time. One could even say that it is a necessary aspect of life. Many great philosophers have pined that life would be nothing without pain. However, it can be pretty tricky for an… Read more“Pain: 5 Reasons Why It Is The Best Teacher”

Do you have trouble buying presents for your children?

As a mum of four children aged 17 to 9 years, buying gifts for them can sometimes be a chore. I have found it especially hard to find suitable presents over the last few years. My eldest two were born 17 months apart and we thought this would make things… Read more“Do you have trouble buying presents for your children?”

Have Fun with Kids in Salt Lake CIty

As the most populous city in Utah, Salt Lake City is a popular place to live as well as to visit. Brigham Young and a group of settlers founded the city in 1847 and named it after the largest saltwater lake in the US, Great Salt Lake. And with warm… Read more“Have Fun with Kids in Salt Lake CIty”

10 Benefits of Healthy Sunlight Exposure

Summertime is a blissful time of the year. Many are tempted to shy away from the intense rays, but as we all know: sunshine can turn a bad day around! Sunshine is not something to be afraid of! In fact, sunlight exposure has several benefits, from treating skin conditions to… Read more“10 Benefits of Healthy Sunlight Exposure”

Review and Giveaway: My Squishy Little Dumplings

Recently E was sent one of these adorable My Squsihy Little Dumplings. There are so cute and I can tell already their going to be one of the most wanted toys. E spent some time looking at the box and reading about which Squishy Little Dumpling she may have inside…. Read more“Review and Giveaway: My Squishy Little Dumplings”