Tips to burn energy for your kids this summer

Are your kids at the age where they have an unusual amount of energy that even as an adult, you’re struggling to comprehend ever having as a child yourself? You’re not alone. When kids reach the age where they are at their peak in energy, it can be hard trying… Read more“Tips to burn energy for your kids this summer”

Choosing a Spring/Summer wardrobe

I’m sure I am not alone in being fed up with this wet weather we have been experiencing. I don’t mind a bit of rain but enough is enough now! I have been trying to cheer myself up by looking at the new season clothes collections that are hitting websites… Read more“Choosing a Spring/Summer wardrobe”

Fun in the Sun: SwimTots giveaway

This glorious weather has meant that we are all out and making the most of the outdoors.  For many it will have brought the opportunity to do some first things with their children, whether it is first ice cream or first trip to the beach.   I’m joining six other… Read more“Fun in the Sun: SwimTots giveaway”