Tips to burn energy for your kids this summer

Are your kids at the age where they have an unusual amount of energy that even as an adult, you’re struggling to comprehend ever having as a child yourself? You’re not alone. When kids reach the age where they are at their peak in energy, it can be hard trying… Read more“Tips to burn energy for your kids this summer”

3 activities to get your child interested in.

Image Credit: Ponce_photography from Pixabay. Nobody wants their child to be bored and doing nothing at home constantly. All parents want their children to have hobbies and interests. Things they’ll enjoy and do regularly. Finding something your kid will enjoy can seem tricky, though. What if it didn’t have to… Read more“3 activities to get your child interested in.”

Teaching the boys to keeping track of time over the Summer

With the Summer holidays now here it means that the boys are to enjoy a little more freedom, especially the older two.  During last Summer Luc was allowed to play out with friends for the first time and with this came the responsibility of keeping track of when it’s time… Read more“Teaching the boys to keeping track of time over the Summer”

Sponsored Post – The importance of time – teaching children to tell the time

As the boys have reached an age where they can understand the concept of time we have started teaching them to tell the time.  Having a routine that we stick to has helped with this to a degree especially for the younger children.   We have used teaching aids from magnetic… Read more“Sponsored Post – The importance of time – teaching children to tell the time”

QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home

When I saw this latest challenge I spent hours trying to think of something we have made or changes to our home.   Since having children one thing that’s changed for sure is the amount of toys, books and clothes that we have and I should know because I do all… Read more“QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home”

Do sleep aids help you sleep better?

A fortnight ago I completed a questionnaire for Silent night about sleep and sleep aids.  With four young children I rarely get a full night’s sleep and tend to have my sleep broken at various times throughout the night.  So I was very interested to take part and see if… Read more“Do sleep aids help you sleep better?”

Memories of Lullabies

One of my first memories as a child is my father singing Sospan Fach (little Saucepan) to me.  I remember sitting on his lap and listening to him singing and watching him intently.  Then I remember singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, one of the traditional lullabies that I have sung… Read more“Memories of Lullabies”