Teaching the boys to keeping track of time over the Summer

With the Summer holidays now here it means that the boys are to enjoy a little more freedom, especially the older two.  During last Summer Luc was allowed to play out with friends for the first time and with this came the responsibility of keeping track of when it’s time to be home.  Last year Luc did an okay job of doing this although we did have one or two late returns and he mainly relied on his friends to keep track of the time. 
It’s also Luc’s birthday in a couple of weeks so we’ve been thinking about buying him a new watch.  He had one a couple of years ago but a very basic one which he says is too young for him now!  So this afternoon Luc has been having a look online at some watches to get a fell for the style he likes.  We’ve been looking at The Watch Hut as I’ve previously found they have a great range of watches to suit everyone and at great prices.  

These are the two that Luc has picked out.  The first is a Sekonda Boys strap watch costing £20.  I think it’s the camouflage that appeals to Luc to be honest but it is a lovely looking watch and would certainly do the job.

 The second watch is a Tikkers Children’s rubber strap costing £15, again another nice watch.  

My hope is that with giving Luc the responsibility for choosing a watch he will then be more proactive about his time keeping.  We know he can tell the time so it’s just a matter of making sure he know the time to be home by and actually keeping an eye on that.  

I would love to know if you have any tips for helping your child with time keeping?  Also what are your rules for when your children are out with friends?  We’re pretty new to all this with only a few weeks experience last year so all tips are welcome.   So far I’ve allowed an hour and a half tops with him returning home and then allowing him out for a bit longer.  Dad of 3 thinks it’s not long enough but last year he had only just turned 9 so I think the time was reasonable enough, don’t you? 

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