Tips to burn energy for your kids this summer

Are your kids at the age where they have an unusual amount of energy that even as an adult, you’re struggling to comprehend ever having as a child yourself? You’re not alone. When kids reach the age where they are at their peak in energy, it can be hard trying to control all of that energy.

Not only that but knowing how to burn it effectively enough that they sleep well at night is something that can be a mystery to some parents. However, when it comes to your own sanity and peace and quiet, these tips are useful to have. Here are some top tips to burn energy for your kids this summer.

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Take them to an adventure camp

An adventure camp is a great way to exhaust your children, whether you take them there for a day or you leave them there for a few days to weeks on end. Adventure camps are great to visit when you want your children to experience the fun side of life.

It’s an opportunity to burn their energy supplies like never before and when it comes to school holidays, these camps give you the opportunity to continue work as normal.

Go swimming in the afternoon

Swimming is a particularly exhausting activity and it’s one of those workouts that you don’t realise is exhausting until you climb out of the pool.

While you may not be keen on jumping in the pool yourself, your kids are likely to be very keen to get their hair wet. Take them one afternoon when you have an opportunity to do and let them run ragged around the pool until they’re tugging on you to go home.

Set up activities and obstacles in the garden

If you don’t have the time or you’re chained to your desk due to work, bring fun and energy-busting activities to your back garden. Set up some fun activities, obstacle courses, and toys in the garden space for your children to play with. It’ll be just what your kids need to knacker themselves out good and proper!

Get their imaginations running with dress up

Tapping into your children’s imagination is important and that mental stimulation can be just as exhausting as a trip to the park or to your local swimming pool.

Having a dress-up box is a great way to encourage play time and ultimately, be a kid. If you want to get their imaginations running, make sure you stock up this dress-up box regularly with plenty of props and costumes.

Make sure they’re taking part in extra-curricular sports

Finally, when school is still in session – or they’ve shut the gates for the summer – make sure your children are still taking part in extra-curricular sports. Whether that’s joining a football club or taking part in ballet classes, these sports are all good for burning their energy supplies further!

Burning energy in your kids is a tough one but with these tips, you’ll be able to do it effectively throughout the summer months.

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