QuinnyCasters:Challenge 11 – Take a Trip around Town

This week’s challenge has been to choose a destination on the other side of town and take our little one there in their quinny moodd.  We then had to document our trip with photographs and write about the trip. Trying to decide where to pick as my destination was only… Read more“QuinnyCasters:Challenge 11 – Take a Trip around Town”

QuinnyCasters Task 9 – The city as Inspiration

Our latest task has been to take our moodd’s to our favourite places in our city.  Places that we are likely to be found at if our lives weren’t so hectic.   I’ve talked before about how lucky I am to live where I do, we’re close to the coast and… Read more“QuinnyCasters Task 9 – The city as Inspiration”

Country Kids – What we did the last time the sun shone!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin At the beginning of the month we experienced some glorious weather here in West Wales.  I love this time of year as it makes it so much easier to get the children outdoors and making the most of the beaches and countryside and opportunities to… Read more“Country Kids – What we did the last time the sun shone!”

Quinny Casters Challenge 8 – Share your favourite view

I think I’m extremely lucky to live were I do, I am close to the coast and am able to get out into the countryside easily.  Yes there are downsides to living here but the positives far out weigh them.   This weeks quinnycasters challenge was to share our favourite view. … Read more“Quinny Casters Challenge 8 – Share your favourite view”

QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home

When I saw this latest challenge I spent hours trying to think of something we have made or changes to our home.   Since having children one thing that’s changed for sure is the amount of toys, books and clothes that we have and I should know because I do all… Read more“QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home”

Quinny Casters – Challenge 6, Hidden City Treasures

When I saw what challenge six consisted of I was so excited.  There are so many places that we as a family have wanted to visit but hadn’t had the chance to.  So this challenge provided the opportunity to visit three of those places over the course of a weekend…. Read more“Quinny Casters – Challenge 6, Hidden City Treasures”

Quinny Casters – challenge 2 Find Hotspots in your City.

Last weekend we headed into Cardiff on the search for free things to do for challenge number two.  As soon as I saw what the new challenge was I new exactly where to go.  But I spent some time researching on the internet too in case there were some places… Read more“Quinny Casters – challenge 2 Find Hotspots in your City.”