QuinnyCasters Task 9 – The city as Inspiration

Our latest task has been to take our moodd’s to our favourite places in our city.  Places that we are likely to be found at if our lives weren’t so hectic.  
I’ve talked before about how lucky I am to live where I do, we’re close to the coast and have lots of open spaces around us.  Yes I do complain about the a few things like the lack of shops but we have some very good local small businesses which I support whole heartily.  But given the option of moving to somewhere that had more shops, hustle and bustle and a all together faster pace of live I would turn it down in a heartbeat to stay where we are.  
We spend as much time as possible at our local beaches so they had to feature in this task and with this glorious weather we’re experiencing we have been able to make trips down there after school.  Somewhere I like to go and sit and just watch the world go by at is the river which our town is built around.  The quay has seen a few changes over the last few years and this is set to continue.  There is now some nice seating along the quay side where you can sit and watch the odd boat or canoe pass along the river, the traffic crossing the old town bridge.  
On the town side of the old bridge is a statue of an otter, it’s become a landmark in it’s own right and it isn’t unheard of for the otter to dress up on occasions!  The children love going to see the otter when we are down at the quay.  
Then opposite the old town castle is located which is undergoing a lot of restoration work thanks to various grants.  The castle is somewhere that was surrounded in mystery to me and many other locals when I was growing up but thanks to a band of hard working volunteers who campaigned over many years it is slowly being woken from it’s slumber ready for the enjoyment of the town and those visiting.  I couldn’t get close enough to photograph with the moodd in recent weeks due to heavy plant machinery and the pavements been closed.  However there is a little garden near the entrance to the castle which has some seating in and provides a welcome resting place to many on lunch breaks or just from climbing the hill into the town.  The flowers are in full bloom at present and Erin and the boys love venturing in to see if they can see the activity going on in the castle over the wall.  
I often like to spend an hour or two just wondering around the shops, I of course have my favourite ones but often a new one will pop up and I love going to see what’s on offer.  Most of the shops are easy to access with the moodd with out causing any problems.  I can actually manoeuvre the moodd through a standard size door way without any issue.  The only contradiction to this is if there is a display stand obstructing the other side.  There is the odd shop that has a step up into but again this causes very little problem for the moodd. 
There are quite a lot of narrow streets with narrow pavements or intermittent pavement so you often end up walking on the road on these streets.  The moodd copes very well manoeuvring over different surfaces from concrete, pebbles, paving slabs, sand and gravel.  I love the fact I can control the Moodd with one hand if need be and it responds well to sudden turns that may be made.  I’ve also grown to love the fact the break is controlled by foot as it becomes second nature and is so easy to apply when required.  I’ve been using my buggy tug with the Moodd as gives me peace of mind especially when I have the other children walking with us.  Erin still loves facing either myself or dad of 3 when we’re out and about and I love the fact she can still see what’s going on around her thanks to the seat.  On the occasions that dad of 3 has used the Moodd he has commented that  “it is very light and easy to manoeuvre”.  But one of the main winning points for me is that Erin enjoys being in the Moodd, she is always keen to get in and looks so comfortable when using it.  Knowing she likes being in it makes using the moodd more enjoyable for me.  
So those are some of the places I like to spend time at where are your favourite places where you live?

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