Finding the perfect storage solutions for children’s bedrooms with Ollie and Leila

The hunt is still ongoing for storage solutions for the children’s bedrooms here. Storage is a big issue where the bedrooms are concerned. With this is mind I have been browsing the internet for solutions. There is so much choice available but I stumbled across a lovely site with a… Read more“Finding the perfect storage solutions for children’s bedrooms with Ollie and Leila”

Making plans for the boys bedroom

I know most of you will know that we are in the process of making changes to our home. At present it seems to be a constant thing and we have having to adjust our ideas to suit the children and the family’s changing needs. We also have to find… Read more“Making plans for the boys bedroom”

Guest Post – Decorating the children’s bedrooms

Since we moved into our house almost two years ago we have not had much chance to decorate.  Then I discovered I was expecting Erin shortly after the move and it was a case of ensuring house was live able.  But it’s also given us a chance to live in… Read more“Guest Post – Decorating the children’s bedrooms”

QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home

When I saw this latest challenge I spent hours trying to think of something we have made or changes to our home.   Since having children one thing that’s changed for sure is the amount of toys, books and clothes that we have and I should know because I do all… Read more“QuinnyCasters Challenge 7 – Hack your Home”