Quinny Casters – Challenge 6, Hidden City Treasures

When I saw what challenge six consisted of I was so excited.  There are so many places that we as a family have wanted to visit but hadn’t had the chance to.  So this challenge provided the opportunity to visit three of those places over the course of a weekend.
We had a fortnight to complete this challenge which enabled us to put some thought into where we wanted to go.  As there were quite a few places we wanted to visit we decided to sit down as a family and look at each one on the internet to help us decide which to visit.  We also wanted to have two options in case the weather was bad when it came to actually going.   Once we had our shortlist sorted we were ready to go and explore.
This challenge was all about how the Quinny Moodd handles in different situations and as the weather has been glorious this last ten days we decided to explore the three places that were mainly outdoors so that we could see them it there best.
So on Saturday we packed up a picnic, plastered ourselves with sun cream and headed off.  Our first stop was Dinefwr Castle and Park, a National Trust property located in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.  With a house and various parkland, woodland and a castle to explore it provided a great range of terrain to put the Moodd through it’s paces.  
The second stop for us was the National Botanic Gardens of Wales located some twenty minutes from Dinefwr Castle and Park.  Again this provided a range of places to explore from the hot houses, to lakes, the dome with tropical plants and flowers and houses and galleries. 
Between the two locations and miles upon miles of walking we were all shattered.  Both myself and dad of 3 were very impressed at how easily the Moodd coped with the terrains we had encountered.  From other pushchairs we have had we knew that they would not have coped so well with some of them.   Erin looked so comfortable riding in the Moodd and seemed to enjoy being able to have clear views of the places we were going.  
Sunday dawned sunny and warm again and after breakfast we headed out again for our final destination of the weekend.  This time it was closer to home, about twenty minutes down the road and into Pembrokeshire.  Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort, located about three miles outside Eglwyswrw.  Similar terrain to the pervious locations but with low entry buildings to explore as well. 
We spent a lovely couple of hours enjoying the tranquility of the location and wondering why we had left it so long before visiting all the places we had.  We will be making return trips to explore further.  We all agreed we had had a glorious weekend for visiting the hidden spots and that the Moodd had coped extremely well in all the situations we had put it in and we had no moments of panic wondered how we were going to get somewhere because the moodd could not get through.

Have a look at my little film of our visits and the terrain we tested.

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