50 Things to do before your 11 3/4 – A weekend of fun and challenges

With the weather been glorious this last ten day we decided to try and complete some 50 things challenges.  For those of you that haven’t heard about the 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 you can visit the official site here  run by the National Trust they are a fantastic range of challenges to help enjoy the great outdoors and you can learn new skills and have new experiences along the way.  

I also had my latest QuinnyCasters challenge to complete which involved discovering three hidden spots, with this in mind we headed for a National Trust Property we had not explored yet, Dinefwr Castle and Park in Llandelio, Carmarthenshire.  But took the opportunity to see how many of the challenges we could complete at the same time.  

We certainly picked a fantastic day to explore Dinewfr Castle and Park, the sun was shining and it was very hot.  But with lots to explore we slapped on the sun cream and hats and headed over to reception to get a map of the property and pay for our entrance.  We were greeted by a lovely lady who gave us lots of great information and also a 50 things scrap book for each of the boys so they could record the challenges they completed.  

On Sunday we headed over to Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort in Pembrokeshire for the last part of my quinnycasters challenge and managed to complete a few more of the 50 things challenges while there.  

So here’s how we got on.

No 1: Climb a Tree
The boys are always climbing trees when ever they spot the opportunity.  While walking through the Castle Woods we spotted a large tree that was almost completly uprooted.  Ceasing the opportunity Trystan ran over and decided to climb it. 
 No 2: Roll down a really big hill
This really was a very big hill and the older two boys 
were in stitches rolling down it.  They made me feel dizzy just watching them.  They stopped a few times and had to roll again but they managed to roll the whole length of the hill.  The meadow the hill is in was a carpet of buttercups and there were some people camping in one corner.   It really was idyllic 

No 16: Make a daisy chain
In the castle grounds there were lots of patches of Daisy’s. 
After exploring the castle ruins we sat down on the picnic rug to enjoy our surroundings and I helped the boys to make daisy chains.  The boys wanted to make a crown of daisy’s for Erin to wear, though she wasn’t sure about it when it was put on.  Between them the daisy crown had 11 Daisy’s in it.


No 19: Play Pooh Sticks
While at Castell Henllys we found a perfect spot for playing pooh sticks.  After a refreshing tub of ice cream each the boys found several sticks each to use and we spent a fun half an hour playing pooh sticks.
It brought back lovely memories of playing it 
with my siblings as a child.  
No 22: Explore inside a tree.
We came across a fallen tree opposite one of the out buildings near the car park and you could see inside the trunk.  Rowan thought it was fun to play peep po from the other side as well.
Then just below Dinefwr Castle is a shady post with a picnic bench and Trystan spotted a tree with a hollow in the base and went to explore it, he almost fitted fully inside it.



No 25: Play a grass trumpet.
This was a skill I learnt as a child.  It took some mastering but while at Castell Henllys Trystan managed it, much to his delight and the right piece of grass!

 No 28: Climb a huge hill

Having rolled down the hill, we all had to climb it again! 
It really was a huge hill but we managed it and looking down on the meadow of buttercups was spectacular

No 30: Hold a Scary Beast

While at Castell Henllys this scary looking bug landed on dad of 3’s shorts.  Luc was quick to bravely pick it up and say hello!  I have to say I kept my distance!  I was so proud of Luc for being so brave.

So we completed nine of the challenges this weekend and had so much fun doing them and exploring both Dinefwr Castle and Park and Castell Henllys.  We’ll certainly be returning again as there was still so much more we could have done, especially in Dinefwr Castle and Park.  

Are you feeling inspired?  Which challenges will you complete next?  We’re looking forward to completing more really soon. 


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