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The new Total Greek adverts transports us to a rural Greek village in the beginning of the twentieth century. A mischievous young boy releases the family cow from their
field, intending to trick his mother into thinking that the cow has escaped. His goal is to be rewarded for getting the cow back. His plan works as intended and his mother rewards him with a delicious bowl of refreshing Total Greek Yoghurt, yum!. The twist to the advert is that it not actually taking place in the past, it is actually the present, this is realised when the boy’s mother answers a mobile phone. The byline states “Total Greek Yoghurt unchanged since 1926”. The advert is a metaphor illustrating how Total Greek Yoghurt has not changed and its roots are firmly placed in tradition. 
We love traditional foods and desserts in our house. We like to buy products that are made from traditional recipes because usually they are tastier, more luxurious and are recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Total Greek Yoghurt’s are made from a traditional recipe and you can tell the quality by the luxurious texture and delicious flavour.
The new Totally Greek advert has a real vintage feel to it thanks to being filmed on 35mm film and vintage lenses, this gives a subtle antique effect to the advert which subtly implies age. Rural Greece still looks unchanged from 90 years ago just like Total Greek Yoghurt recipe and you really get a feeling of this from the advert. For further information on Total Greek Yoghurt you can visit here where you can find lots of great recipes and inspiration for helping you to enjoy Total Greek yoghurt.

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