Dear Children, Please go to sleep!

Dear Children, 

It’s late, why won’t you go to sleep?  it’s been a long day full of learning and laughter but it really is time to sleep.  I would like some time to unwind before I climb into bed to sleep, but you need to go to sleep.  

Instead you sit and chat, asking whys and what ifs.  It’s passed your bedtime and there will be time for answers tomorrow my precious children…. just go to sleep!  

I’ve made you laugh, provided cuddles and love, hours of fun with games and crafts.  You’ve been fed and bathed and read a story, so why oh why won’t you sleep?  The birds are sleeping, the chickens are sleeping, even the cats are sleeping now but you, for some reason are wide awake and asking questions and sleep is evading you for some reason.  
Tomorrow will bring new adventures, time for friends and learning, for laughter and maybe tears but tonight, right now it’s time for bed! Without your sleep you’ll have no energy for all tomorrows fun, just climb into bed…. your own bed!  Lay down and cwtch up, count sheep if it helps but sleep you must.  
I’m tired, my eyes are closing, I need my bed and sleep!  So please please go to sleep! I need my sleep as much as you do or I’ll wake just as grumpy as you will.  I’ll sing you a song or stoke your hair if it helps but please go to sleep.  Dream of fun and adventures to come. 
A warm drink, a snack you plead, then will you sleep?  Sleep is so important to you and me, so please dear children just go to sleep ……. 

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