Project 365 – week 13

This week has flown by we’ve been busy making Mother’s Day gifts with the little ones, getting out for an evening stroll and running around as usual.  The teachers strike in the middle of the week saw the older two at home and poor Rowan in school as usual.  Despite not been impressed at the start of the day he had fun at school and came home smiling. Here’s our week – 

Sunday 23rd March – 

This evening we took my parents dog for a walk on one of my favourite local beaches, Mwnt.  While there the sun started setting and I ceased the opportunity to get some photographs.  This has to be my favourite one I took.  I think it would make a lovely canvas. 

Monday 24rd March –

Now I know I’ve talked about Kitty getting into all sorts of boxes before but this evening I walked into the kitchen to discover Kitty squashed quite literally into my bowl of clothes pegs! Surely it can’t have been comfortable.

Tuesday 25th March – 

On Sunday afternoon I had taken the opportunity to plant some strawberry plants in the old Belfast sink that’s in the garden.  This afternoon I discovered that all the leafs had been eaten by the chickens.  I really should have envisaged they would take a fancy to them. 
Wednesday 26th March –
Today Rowan was the only one going to school due to the teachers strike, so at bedtime we took the opportunity to climb into bed for a story and a bedtime story just the two of us.  
Thursday 27th March –
While the little ones napped this afternoon I got on with some chores around the house.  One of my least favourite has to be making the beds, with five to make it takes so long!
Friday 28th March –
This afternoon as we set off for the school run I attempted to get a few photos of Erin in her car seat to use in our review we’ve been undertaking for Britax.  However full of cold Erin was less than impressed at being snapped.
Saturday 29th March –
Last Monday the boys and I set about planting some seeds to see if we could grow some lettace, tomatos and spring onions.  I can’t believe how much they have come on in the last few days.  Fingers crossed we’ll succeed.  Although I need to decide where to move the seedlings too as if I uncover them Kitty thinks their a snack!
So hows your week been?  
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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – week 13

  1. Holly Detre says:

    I love the top photo! You have just reminded me to add a trip to the beach to our summer activity list 🙂

  2. Kate Fever says:

    Gorgeous photo on the beach, the light is just perfect. The cat did make me giggle, they are funny animals! #365

  3. Jo Laybourn says:

    Wow, fab photo of the sunset at the beach! Great silhouette’s! #365

  4. Gorgeous photos this week, it always amazes me how cat’s can make the most ridiculous of places look so comfortable!

  5. Charly Dove says:

    Oh wow I love that beach photo, what a wonderful capture. The second photo is hilarious – animals are funny creatures! Sounds like you’ve had a good week 🙂

  6. I love the top picture, loving the seedlings too x

  7. Angela says:

    I love a sunset, yours is gorgeous

  8. MamaMummyMum says:

    Great round up, beautiful sunset and bless Erin in her car seat x

  9. Jaime Oliver says:

    oh my your cat curled up tight is really funny!! they do get themselves in odd places dont they!

  10. Cathy says:

    I love the beach photo it’s great, I’m going to have a go at growing some veg this year too, although I haven’t started yet x

  11. That beach pic really is fab! Oh poor erin hope she feels better soon.

  12. Soosieboo says:

    Oh dear your poor strawberries!! Naughty chickens..
    Good luck with your salad planting!

  13. MomLee says:

    Poor Strawberry saplings. Love that beach photography!


  14. TheBoyandMe says:

    Absolutely adore your sunset photograph, lovely sunflare.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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