How to make sure your children have fun on a city break.

Every parent knows that planning a holiday is stressful. While you’ve looked forward to your holiday for a long time, your kids often don’t want to leave the house. They’d rather play games or hang out with friends. And when you tell them you’re going on a city break and not to the beach? Good luck with that. Still, city breaks can be just as much fun for kids as they are for you and your partner, but if you need a little help, here is some key advice to ensure your kids have fun during your next city break holiday. 

Pick the Right City 

The city you choose can make or break the success of your holiday. However, the good news is that there are plenty of nearby European cities that you and your kids will love. Still, you need to consider various factors like things to do, safety and the ease of getting around. While some cities are great for a quick break if you’re travelling with friends, they may not be as family-friendly as you’d like. The likes of Rome, Dublin, London and Barcelona are all top options. 

How Will You Get Around?

Once you have decided on the right city, you also need to think about how you will get around. There are various transport ideas for you to consider and these depend on your accommodation location, budget, and what you want to do. Some families choose to hire a car (with or without a driver), which means you can get anywhere at any time. However, some cities aren’t designed for driving, making this more challenging. Instead, bus routes and train systems are always a great idea, while walking is also an option if your kids are old enough to handle it. 

What Can the Kids Do?

You need to plan things to do before you arrive. Any city you visit will have attractions for children, whether arcades or theme parks in London or the science museum in Barcelona, you’ll find something. This ensures your kids have something to look forward to and they won’t feel like you’re dragging them around all day long while they complain their feet hurt. 

Don’t Try to Squeeze Everything In

You also need to ensure there is a balance in your activities. It’s stressful to squeeze everything possible into a weekend trip or even one that is four or five days. Because of this, you need to prioritise and compromise. You also don’t need to do everything as a family, so if some kids want to do one thing while others prefer another, you can split up and reconvene later on for dinner. This is common when you have boys and girls who aren’t fussed about sharing experiences. While you want to keep everyone together, it can save arguments and help keep the peace. 

Take A Break 

It doesn’t matter who you are. You deserve a holiday just as much as your neighbour, boss or that random person you walked past on the street. You also deserve a holiday that is stress-free and fun, and these tips should help reduce the tantrums and resistance from your kids. They might even enjoy themselves, too.

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