How to encourage kids to go outside more

One of the saddest things for me as a parent is thinking back to my childhood and how much time we spent outdoors – unrestricted, care-free and safe. Spending the whole day in front of the TV or playing computer games just wouldn’t even be an option (and, before you… Read more“How to encourage kids to go outside more”

Review – Nocto the Bat with Battitude

Last week we were sent Nocto to play with and see what we thought.  I thought it would be perfect for Halloween so was interested to see just what he does.  Nocto is a light up bat who interacts with you and has lots of Battitude!  When Nocto arrived last… Read more“Review – Nocto the Bat with Battitude”

Review – Teletubbies Pull and Play Giant Noo-Noo

This year saw the return of the Teletubbies which has once again brought enjoyment to children of all ages.  I remember watching the Teletubbies the first time around and think it’s lovely that I can now watch it with my own children.  It’s great to see them enjoying the new… Read more“Review – Teletubbies Pull and Play Giant Noo-Noo”