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We love wooden toys here, so when Casdon asked if we would like to take a look at the Beach Villa from their Wood Play range, I quickly agreed.   The Casdon wood play comes in the form of box sets which are self-contained play sets.  Each has a carry handle which makes the play set fully portable.  I was excited to see for myself how the Beach Villa set worked.


beach villa box

I think I was more excited than Erin when the Beach Villa arrived a few days later.  We waited until after dinner when we had some time to unpack the set.    Initially I was surprised at the size of the box the play set comes in, it’s not very big at all!  But don’t let that fool you, there’s a whole lot going on inside the box!  beach villa 2

With the actual play set out of its box, Erin started looking at how the box opened up.  She quickly spotted two wooden balls on the top of the box which when unhooked enable the sides of the box to be folded down.   I helped Erin fold down both sides so we could see inside.   We found several packets of bubble wrap with play pieces inside them.  There were: 2 palm trees, 2 dolls, 2 sun loungers, windsurfer, parasol, kitchen table, 2 stools, parasol table, tv, tv table, bed and a dressing table.  I was amazed at how much had been included and how neatly it packed away into the beach villa when not in use.

beach villa 1

Inside the Beach Villa is split into two levels, with a kitchen/living space downstairs and stairs leading up to a bedroom.  The two-fold down sides are also designed to look like a deck on the beach and a further beach area.    Erin quickly started arranging the furniture how she wanted it and started playing. 

An hour later it was bedtime and dad of 3 had to help Erin pack away the Beach Villa so Erin could take it up to her bedroom with her.  I went up to check on Erin about 45 minutes later and discovered Erin had set up the Beach Villa on the top of her toy storage unit where she could she it from her bed.  The following morning when my alarm clock woke me I could hear her chatting away in her bedroom and when peered around her door I found her playing with the Beach Villa. 

erin beach villa

Erin loves the fact she can pack up the Beach Villa set and then take it anywhere she wants.  It’s been moved between her bedroom and the playroom/sitting room countless times in the last fortnight and it’s even been taken on a visit to Granny’s house.  It’s brought countless hours of fun and imaginative play and I’m sure there will be many more too. 

The wood play range is suitable for children aged 3 years plus and there are seven playsets i the range. These include a doll’s house, castle, pirate island, train set, barn and fairy play set.   They each retail at around £25.00 each and are available from all good toy retailers.  I think they would make a lovely gift for a child and are great value for money.  You can find out more about the range by visiting Casdon’s website here

Disclaimer: We were sent the Beach Villa for the purpose of this post.  However the content is 100% my own.

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  1. I can’t wait to play with toys/stuff like this with my little one! Might even dig out my old Castle Grey Skull…

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