Bubble Buster – Drumond Park

Over the last few weeks my sons, aged 6yr, 5yrs and 22months have been enjoying the unseasonal weather and have spent as much time as possible in the garden.  I am always looking for new ways to change favourite games slightly so that they provide more fun and hold their attention for longer but without costing too much.  A favourite game outdoors is bubbles, no matter how old you are I think bubbles is just one of those things that never fails to make you smile, laugh and want to join in.  Over the last few years I have tried bubble machines, bubble wands and making different shaped bubbles.  Usually when playing with bubbles, the boys jump and run around like crazy, trying to catch as many bubbles as possible and taking it in turns to be the one to blow the bubbles.  This year I have discovered Drumond Park’s Bubble Buster game, what fantastic fun. Aimed at 4 years plus and for one to two players.  As soon as the box was brought out my older two sons were jumping up and down wanting to play with it and shouting “yey bubbles”.  The idea is that the first player to burst 20 magic pinging bubbles wins!

The game consists of two magic wands, bubble mix and a bubble blower. The objective of the game is straight forward, The first one to burst 20 magic pinging bubbles wins! ONLY SOME of the bubbles have a magic ping and you must burst as many bubbles as possible to find those magic Pings. Turn on the bubble blower, grab your electronic bubble-bursting wand and chase those bubbles!  The pings sound higher and higher until you burst the 20th magic pinging bubble and your wand plays the winner’s chime.
The game does require 4 AA and 4 AAA batteries which are not included. 

 Once I had put the batteries in and set up the bubble blower up and explained how to play to the boys they were off!  Now usually my 5 year old can have problems with the concept of taking turns or winning/losing so I sat back in anticipation of how the game would pan out.  While the older two ran around laughing and giggling at every magic pinging bubble they burst their younger brother ran between them pointing at the bubbles and trying to join in.  Both the older two tried to involve their youger brother buy trying to burst the bubbles he was playing with.  After 15 minutes or so we finally heard the winners chime sound, hurray! All three we’re red faced from running and jumping around the garden after the bubbles, amazingly we had no arguements over who had won,  this has to be a first!  After refreshements I was being begged to let them play again!  I have to say when I first got the game I was not sure as to the play value etc of it,  but having watched a game being played out, it is a clever variation of an old favourite.   Since then Bubble Buster has been brought out several more times and on one occassion even played in doors.  Once the bubble mix has run out you can use any good quality bubble mix in the blower which means that Bubble Buster can be enjoyed over and over again.  Even though it is aimed at 4 years plus my youngest (22months) has been able to play the game too, all be it with a little help.

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