Hauck – Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair

I was so thrilled when I was asked to review the Hauck Mac Baby Highchair.  For the last few months I’ve have struggled to get our youngest to sit in a highchair and have been using a booster seat at the table.  However this has meant that one of us has not been able to sit at the table with the rest of the family at meal times.

When the highchair arrived I was quite surprised at how light the box felt, as you expect highchairs to be quite heavy.  The box quickly gained the attention of our youngest, Rowan who couldn’t wait to investigate this package.  Inside the highchair was in two pieces, the legs and body of the highchair.  Assembly of the highchair was really simple and took a couple of minutes with the help of my husband to make sure the connectors clicked into the right place.  The Tray is attached to the frame of the highchair and clicks easily into place which then secures the highchair ready for use.  The seat of the highchair is bright and colourful and Rowan immediately wanted to get into it.  The seat is lovely and padded and he appeared to be very comfortable sat in it.  There is a five point harness that is fixed at the rear of the seat but the arm straps consist of two sections that are both adjustable and fit together before securing.  This is great for wriggly toddlers who don’t always want to be in their highchair.

Rowan certainly was very taken with the highchair and even wanted to sit and watch TV in it!

Both the generous sized tray and the seat of the highchair are easy to clean after use.  A great bonus with this highchair is the handy storage basket which is also removable.  Rowan has taken to putting his toys in the basket before eating.  The tray is large enough to be used for playing as well as eating, we have done some painting, playdoh and sticking on the tray so far and have had no problem cleaning the tray and seat afterwards. 
When not is use the Mac Baby Deluxe folds flat which is a huge bonus in my small kitchen, as it means it can be stored behind the kitchen door or in a corner when not in use.
Rowan has continued to use the highchair without needing much persuasion and has been quick to point out to the little ones I look after for that this is his highchair!  So now we can all eat together again thanks to this highchair and Rowan can still feel included.  I’m hoping Rowan continues to enjoy using the highchair as the previous problems experienced are no more.
This is a great highchair for those that have a small kitchen/eating area and is lightweight.
For more information on The Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair and Hauck’s other products please visit www.hauckuk.com

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