Le Toy Van Roadwork Set

We love wooden toys and we absolutely thrilled when we got the opportunity to review Le Toy Van Roadwork set from Wooden Toyshop.co.uk 

From the moment the package arrived all three boys were hooked and wanted to play with it straight away.  The Roadwork set comprises of, a truck and trailer, digger, cement mixer, road block, traffic lights, go/stop sign, cones, drill and two other road signs.  There is lots of detail on the model, with the truck bonnet and rear of the truck  opening and closing.  The digger’s arm can be moved as well  which  add more play value to the set.  It’s certainly a lovely set which is built to withstand years of playing.

Trystan quickly took control of setting the set up and started playing happily alongside his brother’s.  A short time after Trystan asked why there weren’t any work men in the set.  I explained that you had to buy them separately but they could use other figures we had instead.  He seemed happy with this for a while but then asked if I could buy them the figures to use with the set.  I agreed to have a look at buying the workmen so that they could use them with the roadwork set.  I managed to find a set of 3 figures from Le Toy Van and ordered them for the boys.  

The figures arrived a few days later and Trystan hurried to get the roadwork set out and spent a couple of hours playing with the set.  Since then Trystan and Luc have played with the set a lot, it’s become a favourite toy.  Rowan tries to join in but to be honest is a little bit too young at the moment and tends to take bits of the set and run off with them much to his brother’s annoyance.  But hopefully as he gets older he will enjoy playing with the set as much as his brothers are.

The figures which are part of Le Toy Van Budkin Everyday life range have really enhanced the play value of the set but are not essential.  The older boys have been really taken with the roadwork set and have asked if we can get some more vehicles, they are certainly something I would consider as a Birthday/Christmas present for the boys.

The Roadwork Set retails at £23.95 which for a wooden toy is fantastic value.  If you would like more information on the Le Toy Van Roadwork Set or would like to buy your own set please visit Le Toy Van  section of the website.

Disclosure: I was given the Le Toy Van Roadwork set free for review purposes but my review contains my own views and no one else’s.  I bought the set of Budkin workmen figure’s myself to be used the roadwork set                                                                         

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