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Just before the start of the school holidays I was sent a BubbleBum Booster Seat to review, perfect timing as the boys often travel in both my car, their dad’s car and other relatives cars.  It can be quite time consuming swapping car seats between cars and there’s always the times when you get offered a lift but can’t accept because you don’t have a car seat.  Safety is my top priority when it comes to the boys and the children I care for so I have always taken time when choosing car seats.  The older two have been using booster seats and high back boosters for a while now and although they are easy to move between cars we have been caught out a few times when we have forgotten to put the booster seat back in my car having been in dad of 3’s car the night before.  

I was really surprised how compact the BubbleBum was when I unpacked it.  Luc and Trystan wanted to try it out straight away.  I took the BubbleBum out of the bag and inflated it really easily and quickly, without much effort.  That evening the older two were due to go to their karate lesson with their dad, so it was the first opportunity to use the BubbleBum.  We had a few arguments over who was going to use it first but we decided as Luc was the eldest he could use it first.  

When they returned a few hours I asked dad of 3 how they had got on with the BubbleBum.  Dad of 3 explained that there was a knack of putting the seat belt through the seat belt guides but once you got used to it, it was easy to do.  Luc said he liked the BubbleBum and that it was very comfortable.  

The following week I had the opportunity to try the BubbleBum out in my car and this time Trystan used it.  I found it a bit fiddly to put the seat belt through the seat belt guides but once I had done this twice I found it easy.  Trystan enjoyed sitting in the BubbleBum as well.  That evening I decided to deflate the BubbleBum to see how easy it was.  Once I had opened the valve on the BubbleBum I had to apply a little bit of pressure and roll the BubbleBum up to make sure it was deflated fully and then closed the valve.                               

A couple of days later there was another opportunity to use the BubbleBum so I inflated the BubbleBum within a minute and it was ready to go.  I think we must have used the BubbleBum booster seat at least once a week since we received it and we have all been extremely pleased with how easy it is to inflate,use and deflate again.  We have used the BubbleBum booster seat in several makes and model of cars and have had no problem’s fitting it in any of them.   I have taken it with me under the pushchair and it has come in handy when we have given lifts to friends children.  I would highly recommend the BubbleBum Booster seat to anyone who has children aged between 4 years plus as a spare seat for grandparents car’s or if like us children travel in both parent’s cars.  The BubbleBum is lightweight, easy to store and easy to inflate and deflate.  

The BubbleBum booster seat can be bought directly from BubbleBum for £29.99 with free postage to the UK and Ireland which I think is fantastic value for money given that it ensures your child’s safety when traveling in a car. 

If you would like further information or would like to purchase a BubbleBum booster seat please visit BubbleBum

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  1. Mummybird says:

    Lovely seat I could really do with one of these there are always times I could do with an extra seat. Love it

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