Our Potty Training Journey – week one

The first week of my being more proactive about Potty Training hasn’t quite gone as I had hoped.  Rowan had used the potty a few times and even sat on the toilet.   But now that I decided to encourage his using the potty more actively he decides he doesn’t want to sit on it, all he wants to do is carry it around with him.  
He is still woken up dry more often then not so I decided it would be a good idea to get him to sit on the potty or toilet as soon as he gets up in the hope he’ll have a wee.  I’ll say to him “shall we go to the potty?” and he’ll nodded and run into the bathroom but as soon as I try to sit him on the potty or toilet he screams and runs away.  It feels a bit like it’s become a game really, we get to the bathroom help pull his pull up down, go to help him on the potty or sometimes the toilet (he’ll get the seat and put it on the toilet himself) then he screams, giggles and runs away!  
We were very kindly sent two packs of pull-ups by the lovely people at Huggies and he love’s them especially as they have Disney’s cars on them.  As soon as they arrived last week he was pulling the pack open and pulling the nappy he had on at the time off so he could put one on.  So Rowan’s been proudly wearing his pull-ups for the last four days and seems to understand the whole concept of pulling them down to go to the potty/toilet.  He’s even come to tell me he need to wee but then once on potty/toilet doesn’t want to sit on it.  

Maybe part of the problem is I was on annual leave last week so we had a few later than usual nights, followed by lay In’s and trips out.  Maybe now I’m working again this week and the routine is back to normal he’ll start sitting and using the potty/toilet again.  We did take his my carry potty out with us when we did go out but he just wanted to carry it around with him.  

I don’t want to get to the stage when he gets upset when I put him on the potty or toilet so I guess I just stick at it again this week and hope he starts sitting on the potty happily again.  Unfortunatly the weather’s turned overcast and drizzly here over the last few days but it has’nt stopped Rowan taking his jeans/trousers off at every opportunity.  

I would love to hear if anyone has any other idea’s about Rowan’s screaming at been put on the Potty and toilet. 

2 thoughts on “Our Potty Training Journey – week one

  1. Samual James says:

    I would go and wake Kayla up before we went to bed and had her go potty again. When I did that I noticed she stopped peeing in her diaper at night and that is when I took the diapers completely away. After I did that she still has only peed the bed once. Good luck!
    Potty Training Problems

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    wow that’s great,well done kayla 🙂

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