16 weeks check up and first scan

Last Thursday saw me attending my 16 weeks check up with my community midwife.  It was lovely to be able to hear baby’s heartbeat again and know everything was okay.  I had been feeling a few flutters for a few days prior to my check up but wasn’t quite sure.  I had a bit of a shock though as the midwife discovered I was actually measuring four weeks bigger than my dates.  As I hadn’t yet had my first scan she was unsure if the bigger measurement meant I was further along than we thought or if I was possibly carrying twins!  Eek we’ve twins in the family but I honestly felt shocked when the midwife mentioned the possibility of twins.  My scan was booked for today (26th October) so my midwife said I would just have to wait for the scan to find out.  A few people had commented on how big I was already but I had just put it down to being my fourth pregnancy.  After talking with dad of 3 we decided there was no point in worrying until the scan and to try and bit it to the back of our minds until the scan.  It certainly was a long weekend, I don’t usually wish my weekends away but I did the last one!  Monday and yesterday passed quickly which was good but last night seemed to last forever and I didn’t sleep very well.  I think it was a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  

This morning we dropped the older two boys off with their granny and made our way the 40 minute drive to the hospital for my appointment.  After the usual checks we had to wait ages for my turn to go in to see the consultant and have my scan.  Luckily the first thing we did was the scan, it was fantastic to see baby on the screen wriggling away like mad.  Rowan was so sweet and got really excited at the scan pictures telling the consultant “mummy’s baby”.  The consultant was fantastic, I couldn’t be happier this time around.  Then I had to wait 45 minutes for the routine bloods to be taken.  To say everyone is relieved its only one baby is an understatement, we’re all pleased baby is well and just have to wait for my next scan in the next three to four weeks and hope baby co-operates next time. 

4 thoughts on “16 weeks check up and first scan

  1. SusanKMann says:

    So pleased everything is ok. xx

  2. moors-mummy says:

    That would always be my concern about having a fourth – thank goodness it’s only one and all is well. xx

  3. Ah how exciting!! 🙂 Glad all it well xx

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