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My boys are huge Disney Cars fan so when Clinton Cards contacted me and asked if we would like to have a look at their range of Disney Cars products we jumped at the chance.  When the items arrived I quickly realised that some of them could be used for going back to school.

We were sent a Lightning McQueen shaped lunch box (rrp £9.99,) A rounded Cars2 themed tyre bag (rrp £7.99), A long Blue Cars 2 themed beaker (rrp £1.99),  A ‘Chase the Fun’ card (rrp £1.50), A Cars 2 themed gift bag  (rrp £2.50) and a lovely movie poster.

The boys were so excited when the package arrived and couldn’t wait to try the products out.  We had a few arguments over who was going to use the lunchbox, bag and beaker but we quickly resolved them by getting them to take it in turns! 

The blue long beaker feature’s a fun holographic design which moves as you move the beaker.  Rowan has been particularly thrilled by this and gets very excited every time he See’s the design move.  It has washed well although we have not put it through a dishwasher and has so far not scratched at all.  The beaker gets a big thumbs up from the boys and at £1.99 is a bargain.

The Lightning McQueen shaped lunchbox is great for all those who love Lightning McQueen, it’s very realistic and features a handy  handle on the underside making carrying it easy.  Inside there is enough room for some sandwiches, fruit, crisps etc and maybe a small cartoon of juice.  Great for school packed lunches.  The lunchbox is made from plastic and states wipe clean only.  I do think at £9.99 it is a bit expensive for a lunch box but if it can withstand daily use surely it’s worth the investment?  I know we went through a lunch box a term last year because the plastic lining’s were breaking and after a while the lunch bags started smelling despite being cleaned daily.                                                               

The fun tyre shaped bag has been another hit with the boys,who have filled it with various toys and books over the last few weeks.  However as it is a round bag it isn’t practical for A4 sized note pads or folders.  But as my two haven’t reached that stage in school yet this isn’t a problem for them.  It will be interesting to see who ends up using it as their school bag because at the moment both Luc and Trystan want to use it. 

The card and the gift bag are great for Cars fan’s birthday’s and are sure to be a hit with the recipient.  Bright, colourful designs and featuring favourite Car’s character’s.  The card is one of several available currently from Clinton Cards in their Cars 2 range.  The movie poster has also been a hit and has pride of place on the boys bedroom wall.  

All these items are available both online at www.clintoncards.co.uk and in store.  I think any Disney Cars fan will be extremely pleased to add any of these items to their collection. 

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  1. Suspigen says:

    Hey Mom of 3.

    I am a danish mom to one 😉
    and I got to have the lunchbox for my boy.
    Can you help me ?
    I cant find it !!!!

    Pleace, he would be so happy.

    😉 Sus

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