19 weeks and the search for sleep!

I can’t quite believe I have reached the end of week 19 already, it seems to be flying by at present which isn’t a bad thing. `

I have finally had to admit defeat and have started wearing maternity clothes all together.  From about 16 weeks I have been wearing maternity jeans and trousers but have held off for as long as possible before hunting everything else out.  Although to be honest I haven’t got many maternity clothes left as I sold most of them after having Rowan and haven’t wanted to spend that much at the moment.  I am also faced with another problem and that is where to buy maternity clothes, my local Peacocks has a small section but every time I have been in they have not had my size available and that I’m afraid is the limit to my choice locally.  The next nearest towns are approximately an hour away in either direction and again although there are a few more shops that have maternity clothes, the selection is again very limited.  So that leaves me with shopping on line for maternity clothes.   Two fantastic Maternity company’s have recently sent me an item each from there ranges to review so watch this space and I am so gratefully to them for giving me this opportunity.  

This week I have also started with insomnia which when you have three other children to look after and get to school is not the best of things to have!. Last night I woke at 3.30am to use the toilet and then spent a further hour and a half trying to get back to sleep.  During this time I started running through all the tasks I had to do the following day and endless other things.  I know this was not best thing to do but I couldn’t help it.  I must have fallen into such a deep sleep that when my alarm went off at 7.25am I pressed snooze, something I never do!  the extra 15 mintutes was very welcome.  I didn’t feel too bad all morning but the tiredness hit me at lunch time when Rowan would not go down for his sleep as had fallen asleep in his pushchair at 10.30am for 40 minutes.  I look forward to having an hour to an hour and a half rest while he’s sleeping so after a restless night and now ‘down time’ in the afternoon, bed time seems a very welcome if not long way off!  This has been happening for a week now so I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.  If any one has any ideas for helping me drift back off to sleep I would welcome them 🙂

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  1. SusanKMann says:

    Hope you get some sleep soon lovely xx

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