21 weeks and anomaly scan

Well the long awaited day of my anomaly scan arrived. You may remember in my post 18 weeks and scan I told you that I had been called too early for my anomaly scan and had to go back to get the measurements needed.   Well last Friday was that day!  That morning when I woke I knew the baby had changed position, I was feeling baby kicking inwards and had felt a big movement the night before so when the sonographer said baby’s in an awkward position I wasn’t surprised.  

We had arrived ten minutes early but were seen straight away.  The sonographer introduced us to a midwife and asked permission for her to sit in with us and asked if I would mind her scanning me too as was undertaking a course.  I agreed to this.  Dad of three and I had already agreed not to mention finding out the sex of the baby until the end or until we were asked if we wanted to know.  It was fantastic to see how much baby had grown in three weeks and the sonographer spent ages showing us the different anatomy and explaining what she was doing.  As baby was in a awkward position I was asked to turn on my left side several times to try and encourage baby to change positions.  It worked slightly but not completely, even emptying my bladder didn’t get baby to move.  At one point it looked like baby was kneeling.  All the measurements were fine and no problems found.  Before the midwife scanned me, we asked if it was possible to find out the sex.  The sonographer tried to find a good angle but could only get one of baby’s bottom.  However she could see three lines which she called ‘Hambuger’ sign.  The sonographer explained that these three lines in majority of babies at the stage I was (21 weeks plus 2 days) indicated a girl.   She continued to say that there had been no obvious sign’s on male genitals throughout the scan but that I would have a growth scan at 32 weeks and that should confirm I was having a little girl.  

I can’t describe how over the moon I was, of course I would have been over the moon no matter what sex the baby was but after three boys, a little girl is the icing on the cake for me.  I rang both my mum and my mother in law to let them know everything was well with baby and that it looked like we were having a little girl.  I had to tell my mum the exact words the sanographer had used but she still was not convinced and told me not to go buying pink items until we were sure!  I tried explaining that they will never give an 100 % guarantee with baby’s gender but it looked very likely baby was a girl.  So I guess we now have to wait for my growth scan at 32 weeks to have the baby’s gender confirmed.  Although dad of three and myself were pretty much convinced from what we saw at the scan that it is a girl as we had both kept a close eye on baby throughout the scan and could see no baby boy’s bits at any time!.


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