Orchard Toys Tutan Loot’em game

This week we were sent Tutan Loot’em from Orchard Toys.  The older two boys are really into playing games at the moment and are also fans of Orchard Toys so were really keen to play Tutan Loot’em.  Tutan Loot’em is for ages 5 years plus and can be played with 2 to 4 players.
Included in the box is:
48 cards ( there are 12 designs and four of each design) Instruction Leaflet.
The object of the game is to be the player with the most cards in their bundle at the end of the game.
How to play:  
  • Each player is dealt four cards to hold in their hands.
  •  Then a row of four cards is placed face up in the centre of the table.
  •  The rest of the cards is then places face down at one side and is the deal pile.
  •  The youngest play goes first.
  • They look at the cards in their hand to see if they have a card with the same picture as one of the cards in the centre of the table.
  • If they do, they then ‘steal’ the card from the centre and put it face up in front of them with their matching card.  This is their pile.
  • If there are more than one matching card in the centre they take all the matching ones for their pile.
  • If they have no matching card, then they put one of their cards from their hand in the centre facing up.
  • Then play continues around the table, each player taking their turn.
  • If a player has a card which is the same as the top card in someone else’s pile, then they can steal that players pile, placing their card on the top of it and adding them to their own pile.
  • When everyone has played all four of their cards, they are dealt four new cards and the game continues.
  • The game ends when all cards have been dealt and played (there may be some left in the centre)

So yesterday afternoon after all the chores had been done I settled down with Luc and Trystan to have a go.  It took one game to get the hang of the rules and by that time the two boys were hooked.  Trystan and Luc thought it was great fun ‘stealing’ cards from each other when ever their card matched one in someone else’s pile.  The boys enjoyed playing so much we played several games and played for well over an hour and a half in the end.  So that has to be one great big thumbs up from the boys.  Rowan even joined in one game and played with daddy as he was a bit young to play on his own.  But Rowan enjoyed joining in all the same.  There was certainly lots of laughter and excitement while we played the game and both boys would have played a lot longer if they hadn’t had to stop for tea.

As with all Orchard Toys games and puzzles Tutan Loot’em encourages children to:  
communicate, share and play together.  It also helps develop children’s observation and Strategic thinking.  Develop social skills and links with the National Curriculum History Key Stage 2 (taken from the box of Tutan Loot’em)  

The boys loved looking at the different cards and asking what each one was.  They were fascinated when we explained about the pyramids and the Egyptians.  

This is a fantastic game and we thoroughly enjoyed playing it, in fact Trystan has already asked if we can take it to granny’s house to play with her and dad cu.  I think this is quickly going to become a favourite with the boys.  It is easy to pick up and is quite fast paced once you have got to grips with the rules.   I did have to remind the boys who’s turn it was on a few occasions as they were getting so carried away they were trying to jump ahead and take their turn before they should have.  

Tutan Loot’em retails at £7.25 which I think is fantastic value for money especially given the endless hours of fun that can be had and also the added educational value.  If you would like to to find out more about Tutan Loot’em or any of the other games and puzzles available from Orchard Toys please visit Orchard Toys

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