28 weeks

Apologies for not writing for a few weeks, the last four weeks or so have been very busy due to Christmas, illness and back to school.  The last few weeks have flown by for that reason.  This week I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to have a 4d scan with Babybond, you can read about the scan here   

A couple of days before the scan I had my routine 28 week midwife appointment.  My usual midwife was on annual leave but I was seen by a lovely midwife from another hospital.  To be honest I was feeling quite sorry for myself that day as was so fed up with feeling ill and general run down, plus I was not looking forward to having my routine bloods taken as it’s not always easy to find a vein, ouch!  Thankfully the midwife was lovely and despite having a little trouble finding a vein managed to get enough blood without too much discomfort and without leaving too much of a bruise!  I was also given my MATB1 form at the appointment which I had to sign and as I am self employed had to send to the Inland Revenue along with my application form for Maternity allowance.   I had downloaded and completed the form a few days previously so had it all ready to be sent off as I will be starting my maternity leave a few days after I am 30 weeks so not long at all now.  

Rowan has started going to the local welsh medium nursery for two and a half hours on the afternoons I am not working.  He seems to be enjoying it which is great and I am able to rest or get on with jobs while he is there.  Once I start maternity leave he will go five afternoons a week which will be quite strange for both of us as he has never really been away from me.  But it also means I will be able to start getting things organised for baby.  

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  1. moors-mummy says:

    Glad it’s all going well. Make sure you put your feet up when you get time to yourself too, you will quickly be back in the swing of a new baby again, so make the most if it before! xxx

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