33 weeks

Blimey another week gone, their flying by now! This last week has gone faster due to half term holidays and having all three boys home.  We had a relatively quiet week as the older boys were quite tired and just wanted to play with their toys and watch DVDs! fine with me as I didn’t feel up to doing too much.  I had however being looking forward to having a bit of a lay in, by that I mean 8am!   but Trystan particularly decided after weeks of me literally dragging him out of bed for school he would get up of his own accord at 7.30am and wake everyone else up! so no lie ins for me last week.  So I was more than happy to have a very lazy week.  Luckily I had picked up some ex-rental DVDs on line just in case they hadn’t wanted to do much.  It was nice not having to do school runs though, its surprising what a difference it makes to a day not being governed by drop off and pick ups.  

Towards the end of the week Trystan started asking when he was going back to school because he wanted to go!  However Sunday night arrived and I got uniforms, p.e kits, musical instruments ready he decided that it “wasn’t fair he had to go back to school!” then he decided he was ill and wasn’t able to go back to school.  Nice try Trystan!  

I decided early in the week that it would be too much to take all the boys to do the weekly food shop but by Wednesday I realised that doing a food shop even with Rowan was too much for me now as I can’t lift the bags etc.  So I decided to have a go at placing an order on line for delivery, something I haven’t done for almost 7 yearsSo I popped on line to see if there were any delivery slots available for Friday, luckily there were so I booked one and started shopping.  Two hours later I had finally finished (I hope it doesn’t take as long next time) funnily it made me feel a bit more relaxed knowing I didn’t have to struggle around the supermarket.  

Friday morning I had a burst of energy and decided we were going to tackle the cleaning and having given each of the boys a duster set to it.  The boys loved helping to dust every available surface but weren’t so keen on the picking up and putting away side of things. I kept having to do a little bit and then rest for a bit then do a bit more but after 3 hours the downstairs was dusted, polished, hoovered, mopped and tidy.  We then settled down to watch a DVD and wait for the food delivery to arrive.  The time slots are for 2 hour periods but that morning I had a text message narrowing it down to an hour which was great.  When it arrived the driver kindly brought all the food into the kitchen, unloaded it on to the table and went through my order with me to make sure everything was there.  Thankfully all bar one item was and I was given a refund for that item.  What a stress free experience, full fridge and cupboards and I hadn’t even left the house fantastic.  That night the older two went off to their Karate lesson and Rowan and I had a bath and got into bed to watch television, though Rowan was asleep by 7.30pm so I had a few hours peace before dad of three returned with the older two.  

As my on line food shopping experience had gone so well I decided to book one for next week as well, So on Sunday I booked my delivery slot and started adding items to my delivery that we buy every week.  I thought it would be easier to do that and then add to the order as I thought of things, as I can change my order up until midnight the night before the delivery is due.  Having done that I set about putting away the mammoth amount of ironing that I had being doing on and off for the last week.  All three boys have gone through a growth spurt so I took the opportunity to move clothes around so that they all had clothes that fit properly.  While I did this the boys played with their dad and on the xbox.  I don’t usually allow them to play on the xbox for more than an hour a week but it meant that I could get on with the things I needed too do.  I also sorted through the few baby items I had bought for the baby and put them away.  

However the most exciting thing that happened this week was that I became an aunty just before Midnight on Thursday night.    I already have two neices and seven nephews on dad of three’s side of the family  But this was special as my youngest brother and his partner had a gorgeous baby boy.  Three days past her due date and after a 24 hour labour my nephew finally made an appearance all 8lbs 6.5oz’s and he’s gorgeous.  So a huge congratulations to my brother and his partner. 

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  1. SusanKMann says:

    Huge congratulations to your brother. Not long to go now. x

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