Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles Review

A few weeks back we were sent some Nose Nuzzles to try. I’m always wiping noses in this house but do worry that tissues make the boys noses sore.

Nose Nuzzles are Saline wipes that help clear stuffy noses while soothing at the same time, thanks to the Aloe Vera and Chamomile they contain. They are 100% paraben and alcohol free and are also unscented. Nose Nuzzles come in handy little packs of 20 wipes and are perfect for popping in change bags and handbags, do you can ensure their close at hand.

I didn’t have long to wait until I could try the Nose Nuzzles. What with starting Meithrin (welsh medium nursery) in the mornings it didn’t take Rowan long to start with a cold! As soon as I got the Nose Nuzzles out to use Rowan was trying to take the pack off me, he usually hates having his nose wiped and was trying to avoid it! But once I had used one wipe and he realised it wasn’t going to hurt he was quite happy for me to wipe his nose. Usually I will be wiping his nose every five minutes when he has a cold but it soon became apparent I wouldn’t need to as the saline in the nose nuzzles had helped clear his nose and Rowan seemed happy to be able to breathe easier. Have also got to admit to taking a pack of Nose Nuzzles in my hospital bag when I had Erin, I found them fantastic and really gentle on my skin. I’ve since also used them with Erin too and again they helped clear her nose enough for her to feed easier.

Nose Nuzzles are available to buy from Saindburys and retail at £2.49 for a pack of 20 wipes. Nose nuzzles are also 100%bio-degradable and compostable.

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