Water play with Little Tikes Anchor’s Away water table

Just before the Summer holidays I decided it was time to invest in a new water table for the children.  Our old one is seven years old and now tends to be found full of sand rather than water.  Rowan in particular really enjoys water play so I decided to keep an eye out for a suitable activity water table.  After a lot of searching I discovered the Little Tikes Anchor’s Away water table, every little pirates idea of heaven.  Who doesn’t love making someone walk the plank or climbing the rigging to the crows nest or better still taking the wheel and steering the ship. 
The possibilities are endless with this great water table.  I decided this was the water table for us.  Having placed the order online I was delighted when I received it only two days later.  Rowan’s little face was a picture when he came home and discovered the box in the hall.  As it requires a little bit of assembly I waited for dad of 3 to come home and after we had eaten, we set about assembling it.  Rowan tried his best to help by handing his dad the three legs for the table and in between running up and down the hall with the shark that came with the table pretending he was eating everything in sight!  

The Anchor’s Away water table retails at around £69.99 and includes:

2 pirate figures                       water strainer

shark                                      water spinners x 2
boat                                       Jolly Roger Flag
life buoy                                  Bucket
pirates plank                          water cannon
water slide                              Helm (wheel)                                
Mast with crows nest and jolly roger (provides a constant water flow, batteries required) 
One pirate ship shaped water table
3 legs.  

It took about half an hour to put the water table together, dad of three had to screw the legs into place as they did require a bit of force behind them, but after that it was very easy to slot the pieces into place.  The instructions supplied were very straight forward and easy  to follow.  It is very well built and looks like it will withstand years of use (fingers crossed).  Despite its size it is quite easy to manoevour.  The activity items on the table are well positioned so that you do not need to move the table around too much (plank,water cannon and slide)

As it was almost bedtime Rowan would have to wait until the following day to try out the water table.  The following morning at breakfast we quickly went to look outside to make sure the water table was still there.  I explained that he would be able to play with it after he had been to meithrin.  So ten minutes before I went to pick him up I filled the water table ready for him.  To say he was excited is a bit of an understatement.  Rowan came home and ran straight out into the garden.  I had also set out the boys patio table and chairs as I had a feeling he wouldn’t come in for lunch.  That way he could eat while he played.   Rowan must have played with the water table for two hours that first afternoon before we had to go to pick his brothers up from school.  Then once home he and his brothers went back out into the garden.  Rowan proudly showing his brothers “his Pirate Ship”  the older two were equally keen to have a play with it.  It was very sweet to hear the three of them playing happily together.  Tea time was greeted with “we’re playing still” from the boys.  So tea on the patio it was for the boys.  It was very interesting to listen to them playing and how they all used the water table in different ways.  It is usually quite rare to find something that all three boys will play harmoniously alongside each other with, would it be a one off I wondered.  I needn’t have worried though as in the days and weeks that have followed the Little Tikes Anchor’s Away water table has continued to be a favourite with Rowan and his brothers.  However Rowan can be found playing with it slightly more often, in fact at every opportunity.  Seven weeks in and Rowan can still be found playing with the water table.  He sometimes adds other figures and boats etc and I have filled it with bubbles for added fun and even used food colouring in the water.  The bad weather we have experienced over the summer so far as also not put Rowan off wanting to go outside and play with the water table.  He has simply put his wellies and raincoat on and off he’s gone.  The older two still play with it as well but not to the same extent as Rowan. 

It is lovely to watch Rowan’s imagination come to life while he’s playing with the water table.  He has conversations with the figures and shark and will run around the patio with the shark chasing the pirates or vice versa.  It has to be the one thing that has held his attention for the longest periods this holiday and that in itself is priceless and for a three year old speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned.  The water table is positioned just outside our sitting room window and once I have filled it I can keep an eye on him from the sitting room or the kitchen.  I’m quite certain that this will continue to be a favourite toy for Rowan and I am looking forward to see how his use of it evolves as he grows.  One things for certain my little pirate loves his anchor’s away pirate ship.  

Little tikes have put alot of thought into this item and both myself and dad of three have been very impressed so far as to the amount of time all three boys have spent playing with it both independently and collectively. 

Disclaimer:  I purchased this item for the children, it is not an item I have been sent for review purposes but have been so impressed I wanted to share our experience. 

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