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Through the dark and frosty months of winter, we try our very best to avoid any unnecessary length of time outside and we spend most of our day covering our little ones up in woolly jumpers and hats. It therefore rarely occurs to us to actually encourage them to play outside. Yet a good old fashioned round of outdoor imaginative play could be exactly what the youngsters need to let out their cooped up winter energy!
When we’re little and full of energy, any object that can be stood on, hid under or transformed to suit any playful purpose, WILL be discovered. Whether that’s a garden bench, Mum’s decorative flower pots or Dad’s lawn mower, youngsters will manage to create endless and exciting adventure playgrounds. Something that can’t quite be matched by these make-shift play centres though, is a real life climbing frame with all sorts of different accessories and challenges.
When thinking about climbing frames, we often imagine giant wooden tree-like figures that take over the whole garden and make the lawn totally non-accessible to anyone not wishing to take part in a monkey-bar or climbing wall event.  However, climbing frames can actually come in so many different shapes and sizes and can be developed to suit all sorts of different gardens, meaning we can still mow the grass or water the plants without having imposing wooden beams hanging above our heads!

There are retailers out there that can actually design a personalised climbing frame for you, depending on your garden’s shape and size, and will fit the design around your personal preferences. For a guide on how to create your own customised climbing frame, you can visit http://www.climbingframes.com/. The team at this Climbing Frame Shop have actually created a program that allows you to physically piece a climbing frame together on their website, and they advise you every step of the way to make sure the result is exactly as you’d like. This system is called Action3D, and is well worth a try!
At this time of year while it’s cold and frosty, having a climbing frame in your own back garden can be a huge advantage as the little ones can enjoy the comforts of home while creating a whole world of exciting adventures outside. They can quickly go inside and warm up, grab a hot chocolate and soon be back outside playing imaginative jungle adventures in their very own playground! And needless to say, climbing frames will prove extremely popular throughout the summer, too! You can even arrange fun parties for the little ones with their friends and family taking part, while being safe and secure in the comfort of your own home. With the addition of pass the parcel, presents, ice cream and jelly, you’ve got the most exciting birthday bash ever!

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