Win a set of Gumigem Covert Dog Tags

The lovely people at Gumigem have given me a set of their Covert Dog Tags to giveaway to one lucky person.  This great dog tags enable dad’s to help their teething tots while having some fun too. 
Retailing at £12.50 they come on a long cotton cord with a breakaway clasp.  The long cord also gives you the option of cutting to a length that suits you and re adding the clasps.  The matt effect dog tags are available in 5 colours: Dog tag Trooper, Dog Tag Marine, Dog Tag Commander, Dog Tag G I Jane and Dog Tag Covert.  For more information please visit Gumigem
To be in with a chance of winning a Dog Tag Covert Set all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.
Good Luck 

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47 thoughts on “Win a set of Gumigem Covert Dog Tags

  1. Mummy of Two says:

    The teething powder you can buy worked wonders for my son

  2. bonjela was a life saver x

  3. Organic monkey cheek rub .x

  4. bonjela and bicci pegs are a favourite x

  5. Bethanyc says:

    I used to give my eldest cucumber from out the fridge it helped quite a bit as it kept her busy x

  6. nelson teething powders and also cool melon and fruit help and also anbesol are a live saver and putting teether toys in fridge as well

  7. Gumigems rock! I’ve got two necklaces and three bangles…. they look great and my kids love chewing on them!

  8. on baby 4 i have to say i still swear by ashtons and parsons. and lots of cuddles.

  9. laura banks says:

    ashton and parsons great stuff

  10. Kate Davies says:

    My top tip is to make teething biscuits, my 9 month old loves them. Mix 1 cup of plain flour and 1 cup of baby rice or baby porridge then add a mashed banana (apple or pear puree works well too), 2 tbsp’s of vegetable oil and 3 tbsp’s of water then roll out (when the doughs not sticky anymore) and cut into any shapes you like and pop in a preheated oven (220c) for about 10 mins.

  11. Dentinox or anbesol… My wee man is only 18 weeks so no teething Biccies etc yet! Apparently I loved bicci pegs though!

  12. Ii give my little boy flannels from the freezer! He loves chewing on them

  13. anbesol or bickiepegs

  14. I follow via Networked Blogs as Rebecca Phillips

  15. Sarah Queenan says:

    Dentinox on a teething dummy, if I try to apply it directly to his gums he justs tries to lick it off my finger!

  16. bickiepegs were our godsend

  17. Mandy Cove says:

    teething crystals, but mine used to chew on pork chop rind too

  18. Naomib1980 says:

    Frozen soft fruits, and cold carrot sticks x

  19. jay brown says:

    Bongela & chilled cucumber sticks worked wonders for my two.

  20. Ruth Lurring says:

    All my teethers were kept in the fridge which really helped my little boy.

  21. KirstyL says:

    ashtons and parsons

  22. I gave my daughter a toothbrush to chew on seem to work

  23. bonjela and liquid filled teethers @chanson2010

  24. andrea lloyd says:

    bonjela is very important to my family

  25. jillwebb says:

    Bonjela and teething rings stored in the fridge

  26. I pop a little bonjella on a toothbrush and rub it on (I cannot stand fingers being put into babies mouths.) my little ones loved chewing on the bristles too

  27. Bonjela – wonderful stuff

  28. give them something cold to chew on to soothe the gums like frozen bananas or cold yougurts

  29. KayeLaFaye says:

    Teething granules or bonjela at the moment seem to do the trick.

  30. stzza1 says:

    anbesol. sooooo much better than bonjela and anything else ive tried. is an anasthetic and completely numbs the gums. works on adults too 🙂 was a godsend when my little ones were teething, and also when i had a tooth out

  31. abbyed33 says:

    lots of bonjela, cold teethers and clean knuckles : )

  32. refrigerated carrot sticks

  33. claire thomson little says:

    having plenty of patience and trying everything on the market till you find one that works every babys different

  34. Solange says:

    Bonjela and a wet cloth

  35. krnries says:

    Teething powders and lots of snuggles

  36. amyjohncray says:

    teething gel and calpol

  37. Sucking a Mini Milk Lolly!

  38. zeenie says:

    bonjela and calpol.

  39. Julie Baxter says:

    teething rings that you can put into the freezer. and bonjela 🙂

  40. BeX says:

    frozen chew toy

  41. Nataliejane says:

    The gel teethers stay cold much longer than the water filled ones.

  42. XXXSammyXXX says:


  43. Carol Boffey says:

    something cold to chew on

  44. Nikki says:

    I have a few of the gumigem necklaces, my daughter loves them when teething.
    When she was first teething I bought some baby cloths from £1 shop, slightly wet them, bagged them in food bags, and froze them.

  45. karen says:

    teething powders

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