Kitting out the children for Swimming lessons and the beach

The older two boys have started their swimming lessons with school again recently. Each class currently gets a term of swimming each school year. We do try to take all the children swimming outside of school but it’s not always possible. My main problem at present is meeting the adult child ratio required. We are also very lucky to leave near several great beaches and spend as much time as possible on them.
With all this in mind ensuring the children are all kitted out with the right swimming costumes. The younger two are obviously inexperienced swimmers compared to their older brothers. I have previously used swim seats with all the children but with Rowan especially I have now started to look at floatation jackets to help ensure his safety.
So I’ve been spending sometime looking at various swimming costumes and swimming aids. I came across Zoggs website while looking online. Last year I bought one of their Bobbin jackets for Rowan from the swimming pool. We were very pleased with it and Rowan grew in confidence in the water throughout the time he worn it. In fact we were so impressed I will be getting one for Erin when the time comes. While on the website I took a look at the Children’s Swimwearsection as the two older boys will be needing new swim shorts before the summer holidays begin. Both the boys have got to that age were they want to be involved in choosing their clothes including swimming costumes so I had to show them what was available from Zoggs. Thankfully both were more than happy with the range they saw.

Trystan then reminded me that he also needed new swimming googles as his had broken in his last swimming lesson. So we spent some time looking at the range of kids swimming googlesavailable. They have some googgle suitable from 0 to 6 years old and then from 6 years to 14 years. They range in price from £3.50 to £12.00 so there is something to suit everyone’s needs. I didn’t realise you could get googles for toddlers but now will look at getting Rowan some as he hates the sensation of getting water in his eyes. So goggles will help until he gets used to the sensation.
The Zoggs website is well worth a look as they have a great range of swim products for all the family, from swimwear to floats, games, swimming caps and even sun protection. It also means I can meet the whole families needs in one place without having to go to several different places, now that can’t be bad.
This post was brought to you by Zoggs, however the words used and the opinions expressed within the post are all my own.

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