Quinny Casters – Challenge One Have an unpacking party

Wednesday dawned wet and miserable, the perfect day for waiting for a delivery.  We spent the morning making lego duplo structures while I anxiously waited for the courier to deliver my Quinny Moodd.  By the time I had to take my minded child home at lunch time there was still no sign.  As we were getting ready to get in the car I noticed a courier van turning into the road opposite my house, it would be just my luck that I’d be out when they arrived!  So I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and pen and scribbled a note saying back in 10 minutes and my mobile number before sticking it to the inside of the front door and left.   Quite typically the short drive to take my minded child home took longer than usual due to council lorries, bin men and buses! As I rounded the corner to my house I could see a courier van parked outside and as I drove into the drive the courier greated me.  He was just about to ring me! As I got Erin and Rowan out of the car he went to retrive the package.  Hurray our Moodd is finally here!

Now the question was did I attempt to start looking at our Moodd while Rowan had his lunch or wait until after he had gone to school for the afternoon?  I decided I’d better sort his lunch out first and hep him into his uniform.  Having done that I cleared the floor in the play area and moved the box into the room.  Erin was happily munching on breadsticks and babbling to her brother so I decided to have a quick peek in the box.  I was surprised at how much actually fitted in a the box, there was certainly some nifty packing going on.

I couldn’t resist getting all the pieces out and having a look at them.  So here is what’s in the box:

Looking at the pieces it didn’t look too complicated to put together.  Erin pottered over to investigate the pieces laid out and giggled, maybe she was just as excited as me at our new ride!.  A quick glance at the clock told me I still had a good twenty minutes before I had to take Rowan to school, time enough to make a start.  I pulled out the instruction book to have a quick look through.  The instructions were clear insustrations of how to build your moodd and it looked straight forward.  From past experience I know putting wheels on pushchairs isn’t always easy and I really wanted to ensure I put them on the right way! So having laid the chassis out the right way I stood next to it with the rear wheels in hand.  Taking each rear wheel I examined it for the markings to tell me which went on which side.  From the instructions I could see that not only the veins on the tyres should look like they were pointing towards the pushchair but on the inside of each wheel it was marked with “Direction” and an arrow pointing which way.  You then simply slot them into place, pushing them down until you hear a ‘Click’.  I had to leave it there as it was time for another school run.   On the way out Rowan asked what I was doing, he obviously hadn’t taken much notice of the packages arrival!  I explained he would see when he finished school later.

Fifteen minutes later Erin and I were home again, time for some lunch for us both before getting back to putting our moodd together.  I had hoped that Erin would sleep after lunch but no such luck.  Thankfully she was happy to play next to me while I got on with the task in hand.  I really wanted to have it all together and the box out of the way before I had to collect the three boys.
Next job was to fix the shopping basket into place.  So tilting the chassis back so it rested on the rear wheels I made a start.  First off you need to wrap the vecro ties round the back axle twice as shown below.  Once you’ve done that take the metal tag on the other end of the basket and slot it into the end of the chassis and push it along until it goes no further.

Next the front wheels go on and that is so simple.  The literally slot into the front of the chassis until you hear ‘click’ again!

Then the seat unit can be fitted, again this step is so simple.  Holding the seat unit on either side simlply guide it into the holes on the chassis, once again listening for the important ‘Click’.  The footrest is adjustable by pressing the buttons at the top of it on either side.  Making it that bit more comfortable for your child to sit in.  The seat unit also reclines by simply lifting the catch at the back of the seat.  The seat can fully recline making it perfect for newborns and sleeping babies.  By the time I had fitted the seat unit I was getting so excited.  It really had been a breeze putting the Moodd together so far and it was really starting to take shape.

I was feeling quite confident now too so put the instructions to one side.  Next I located the panel at the front of the seat unit bu lifting the seat padding slightly.  I removed the panel to reveal where the safety bar fitted.  I pushed the safety bar into place, heard that tell tale ‘click’ and thought great.  Until I realised that the safety bar would not drop down to enable Erin to be placed in the seat without falling out completely.   It didn’t look right somehow, so I tried again.  But again it didn’t work so I reached for the instructions to see what I had missed.  That’ll teach me for getting over confident!  Reading the instructions I could see I had forgotten to loop the elastic on the safety bar over the hook at the back once the bar was in place.  Slotting the safty bar into place I sat on the floor and craned to try and get hold of the loop of elastic, this proved quite tricky as it was quite strong and it was difficult to get hold of.  Finally I managed it and hook it over the plastic hook (raised plastic under the seat unit).  Phew finally that was correctly in place.
So the final step, attaching the sunshade.  I was intrigued to see how this would look as it’s not your traditional pushchair hood and when folded lies completely flush with the seat of the pushchair making it almost invisable until it’s required.  Following the instructions I located the panels on either side of the seat by moving the seat padding slightly.  I then removed both pieces and then taking hold of the sunshade I guided each side into place until I heard the ‘click’! Then folding the top of the seat cover forward to reveal the other fittings for the sunshade and pushed the sunshade into place.  There is a little notch at the top of the seat unit where the tab in the centre of the sunshade fits, yet again listen for the ‘click’! then you can fix the seat padding back in place.

And volia you have your completed Moodd.  As you can see we were sent the Quinny Moodd in Black Irony.  It’s simply stunny, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before and very stylish.  I love having Erin facing me so I decided to turn the seat to face me instead of away.  Pressing the memory buttons on each side of the seat unit I realised the seat and turned it to face me, replacing it in the holes again.  Erin by this time was literally trying to climb into the Moodd so obligingly I lifted her into the seat and replaced the safety bar.  She was quite taken with the safty bar and grabbed hold of it to try and move it like handle bars.

So now we’re  ready for our Moodd adventure, we can’t wait.  I hope you’ll join us.

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