Review – Discovery – The perfect Fajita Kit

We’ve been trying out some new meals with the family lately and fajita’s have become a favourite with us all.  Mainly because there is so much you can put in a fajita making them appeal to everyone’s taste buds.  So when we were sent some Discovery goodies to try out we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  
We were sent the Discovery Perfect Fajita Kit, a jar of Discovery Cajun sauce mix and some Discovery Garlic and Herb Sour Cream to try out.  So here is what we came up with.
Onion – diced
Olive Oil
Skinless Chicken breast diced
Discovery Cajun sauce   
Discovery Fajita Kit – containing flour tortillas, fajita seasoning and salsa.
Bag of crunchy salad.
Discovery Garlic and Herb Sour Cream
1.Dice the onion.
2.warm a little olive oil in a frying pan or sauce pan.
3.Add the onion and cook gently for a few minutes.
4.While onion is cooking dice the chicken breast.
5. Add Chicken to the onions.
6.Cook the chicken.  
7. Stir in the seasoning from the fajita kit and ensure chicken is coated.
8. Cook for approx 2 minutes.
9. Stir in the Cajun sauce and ensure all the chicken is covered.
10.  Cook for a further five minutes.  
11. Puncture the bag containing the flour tortillas and place in the microwave 
12.  Cook tortillas in microwave for the time indicated on packaging to suit your power of your    microwave.
13. Take tortilla’s out onto plates.
14. Spoon in to the tortilla’s some of the Cajun chicken mix.
15. Add required amount of crunchy salad.
16. Add Garlic and Herb Sour Cream.
17. Roll tortilla wrap up
18. Enjoy.
The Cajun chicken fajita’s were delicious, they were full of flavour.  Even Luc who is not usually fussed on spicy foods ate and tthoroughly enjoyed his fajita’s.   I found them quite spicy but they were still very enjoyable.  We will certainly be buying a Discovery fajita kit again and experimenting with some of their other products too. 
Disclaimer:  We were sent the Discovery Perfect Fajita Kit, Cajun Sauce and Garlic and Herb Sour Cream for the purpose of this post.  However the opinions expressed within this post are 100% my own. 

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