Win a Hamper of Chewit goodies

I have very kindly been given an exclusive Chewits hamper full of chewit goodies to giveaway to one lucky person worth £25.  This week we were sent some Chewie Gum to try, keep an eye out for the review to see what we thought.  But in the mean time I have very kindly been given an exclusive Chewits hamper full of chewit goodies to giveaway to one lucky person worth £25.
The hamper will consist of the following:
  • Chewie Gum Box containing 12 packs of gum
  • Chewie Tin – eight stick packs in a silver encased tin
  • Chewits Mug and Keyring

To be in with a chance of winning the hamper all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below:


A huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and a massive congratulations to the winner.  Please contact me within the next 24 hours to claim your prize by emailing

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224 thoughts on “Win a Hamper of Chewit goodies

  1. a good tip for half term is alot of day trip to zoo farm beach and parks also day in at home dress up different active days with colouring painting and all different actives and playgroup and sleep over and playdays for friends and adventre games on rainy day

  2. half term fun – fresh air and fun times!

  3. Carolyn Gardner says:

    Plenty of bike rides weather permitting or a baking marathon when wet

  4. Homebird says:

    Get outside as much as possible to tire them out.

  5. Lucy Mayer says:

    Leave the children at their grandparents…! 😀

  6. MamaMummyMum says:

    mm top tip for fun, as long as your with family anything should be made fun 🙂 x

  7. katie skeoch says:

    keep activities for rainy days – get them out when the sun is shining!!

  8. anna says:

    lots of trips to fun places

  9. laura pyper says:

    have loads planned to keep them entertained,loads of time outdoors (weather permitting) or rainday games/baking/crafts

  10. jo says:

    We are going to go on walks providing the weather is good!

  11. Mummy of Two says:

    Playing outside and lots of activities to keep them busy!

  12. Picnics, outdoor games, discovery walks, also have indoor activities planned like cooking, artwork or board games for rainy days.

  13. Mel Briscoe says:

    Go on walks and have a scavenger hunt.

  14. Emmysmummy says:

    Don’t plan too much and go with the flow

  15. The first morning leave at 6am very quietly and come back Friday evening….

    Prepare something for each day – then you’ll find you end up not having time to do it!

  16. laura banks says:

    plan ahead so you know what your doing

  17. Lots of fresh air, walking and riding bikes (frances hopkins)

  18. going for walks and getting icecream

  19. Visit a National Trust or English Heritage property 🙂

  20. Going outside – no matter whether its sunny or raining!

  21. Free up plenty of time to avoid boredness, housework can wait.

  22. mellysocks says:

    Arrange for play days at other friends houses and vice versa.

  23. Emma Walters says:

    lots of outdoor time/day trips

  24. tracy says:

    Weather permitting, visit your local parks, take a picnic and make a day of it, rainy days, art activities and baking xx

  25. Nikki Cook says:

    Make a diy tent in the back garden and have a picnic out kids will stay under there all day if I let them!

  26. Cat says:

    Lots of things that don’t cost money just to get out in the fresh air. Trips to the park with a picnic, bike ride, going to the beach, planning a nature trail

  27. maci234 says:

    get outside as much as possible

  28. emma says:

    Lots of outdoor play!

  29. sarah rees says:

    get out of the house as much as possible!


  30. MrChiblet says:

    My top tip is to plan something that’s easy and fun each day – preferably outside…feeding the ducks, den building in the woods etc

  31. soozwales says:

    Take the caravan to a basic site so they have to make there own fun.

  32. George Spedding says:

    The local park

  33. E Ford says:

    long days at the local park

  34. mummy24 says:

    Keeping busy!

    I follow with gfc as mummy24


  35. Mandy Cove says:

    I save cereal boxes egg cartons etc and we make things (recycle) @mandsmanc

  36. John Taggart says:

    Lots of trips to theme parks ….but oh so expensive!

  37. Eva Vida says:

    the local park

  38. Lots of long walk to tire them out and craft things for rainy days.

  39. Rikka B says:

    A stout tether and gag.

  40. Samantha says:

    Plenty of cheap outings. I.e farm trips, seaside, swimming and fun walks

  41. Clare Hill says:

    Lots of play dates!
    I follow via GFC.

  42. Mary Heatley says:

    Art projects, baking, water fights in the garden.

  43. Smeeebeee says:

    Try to get outside as often as possible – whatever the weather! Nothing like fresh air to get the kids worn out.

  44. sam cornford says:

    Lots of walks and trips to the beach/park. Or if its rainy lots of makey doey things.

  45. Kim Carberry says:

    Lots of days out as long as the weather is fine…If not crafts & dvds are always good 🙂

  46. soft pl;ay centres wear them o ut

  47. Nathan Webb says:

    (if I had kids), I’d take em to the beach and a few local attractions 🙂

  48. updatemaster says:

    Take the kids to the park as they love it and it doesn’t cost a penny.

  49. Joanna Murphy says:

    Planning, Planning, Planning and a HUGE arts and crafts box at the ready for rainy days 🙂

  50. Mary Mandreit says:

    Spend as much time outdoors as possible, bike rides, walks, nature treks.

  51. Lisa Day says:

    I’m encouraging them to go outside and enjoy the outdoors so we are starting a mini plant tray garden with a little plant pot dish for a mini pond and whatever they want to put in their gardens.

  52. Cloudfreebies says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Great competition you have going on here!
    we have posted it on our freebie website
    so you get some more readers 🙂

    good luck with the competition.


  53. lots of fun and laughs and it doesnt have to cost the earth the best things in life are free walking or biking round the park a picnic and rolypolying down the hills mini beast hunting or planting in our veg patch

  54. Trying to find a new activity for the kids for everyday, i.e day one cinema, day two swimming. But can be costly so try mixing it up with other home and outdoor free activities such as Baking a cake and cookies one day, visiting the park the next, or going for a bike ride.

  55. Cheryl Kean says:

    my top tip is always have lots of craft items in your house. unpredictable british weather

  56. Bext says:

    My top tip for half term is to get outside with your kids no matter how old they are – and remember if it’s raining we won’t melt!!

  57. Julia Linsley says:

    Visit the charirty shop and build a dressing up chest & get loads of board games for wet weather

  58. my tip, save up a few weeks before hand, because they say its free to go, but when you get into these places it costs a bomb! ice creams, toys, games, bouncy castles, they all cost. xx

  59. lots of runing around outside

  60. folowing on networked blogs as clair downham

  61. clairew137 says:

    If the weather is nice trips out. If it’s not nice swimming is good.

  62. Rainbowwitch says:

    Football over the park, lots of running around, picnics and if cold/wet, lots of duvets time with dvd’s

  63. alison bruce says:

    lots of activities for the children and a trip to London to see some sights.

  64. sue says:

    we always like to visit the safari park

  65. Sarah Walford says:

    Plan what activities you can do in advance so that you don’t wake each day wondering what to do

  66. caroline kelly says:

    avoid all public places ! @ckelly2304

  67. Clare Webb says:

    Plenty of fun activities to keep their minds going! If they’re sat in front of the TV or computer they’ll soon be bored!

  68. Nichola Smith says:

    have plenty of baking items indoors and craft materials (we have a special cupboard in the kitchen for baking and a special box full of craft materials)

  69. caroline says:

    Always have a bag ready for swimming – – then you can just up and go on a rainy day

  70. quin0002 says:

    Plenty of bike rides weather permitting

  71. John Naylor says:

    Find a decent babysitter and send them on sleepovers!

  72. Isis1981uk says:

    Get the grandparents up! 🙂

  73. have fun! even if its just cuddling with a book 🙂


  74. greigspencer says:

    picnics in the park

  75. Manda Louise says:

    Plan lots of things to do to avoid boredom

  76. Kelly says:

    Enjoy the time off by doing something different each day

  77. Julie Baxter says:

    days out to the park, museums, beach, days in doing arts and crafts, bbq’s

  78. Michelle Hughes says:

    Enjoy yourself Children grow up to quickly. You don’t have to spend a lot of money indoor picnics, home made playdough, making cakes etc…

  79. days out to zoo and park. petting zoo is great too

  80. elff73 says:

    plan days ahead of time, and also learn the word No and keep to it

  81. Amanda Walsh says:

    lots of fun activites, plan for indoor and outdoor fun so you covered for ever eventuality

  82. andrea lloyd says:

    trips to the beach,park picnics and lots of sporty games

  83. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Plan, Plan & Plan

  84. Anonymous says:

    Plan everyday ahead, a plan for out doors if the weathers good and a plan for indoor fun if its not.

    claire matthews-curtis

  85. cachexia says:

    Plenty of activities always have paper and pens

  86. Simon Grundy says:

    Tire them out and look for cheap days out on the internet

  87. Steve Dickinson says:

    Pray for good weather so they can run around the park for free !

  88. Lots of time outdoors

  89. plant lots of fun things to do

  90. Kelly Tobin says:

    Lots of walks and bike rides x

  91. Crafting…it’s creative and a good excuse to get messy. Make a den with the kids..not only is it fun to make but is great for them to play in all half term.

  92. Jenny Toal says:

    Lots of cuddles and not rushing about

  93. Anonymous says:

    love to win this for my son

  94. Hannah says:

    It’s really tempting to do too much and go here there and everywhere. So my top tip is proritise a few days of fun but also enjoy the park, your garden, crafting and playing games too.

  95. Hannah says:

    Following on GFC

  96. Try to get out everyday, even just for a walk!

  97. kasza says:

    Be organised, I always check out local, usually free activities. Getting together with other Mums/Dads is nice at half term.

  98. Tina Holmes says:

    Lots of messy play

  99. claire bodin says:

    Fresh air and free days out

  100. ashley horton says:

    outside play all the way!

  101. Liquorice says:

    Play Centre, DVDs and lots of colouring, painting, gluing and sticking

  102. get loads of bits in for baking!

  103. Pooky says:

    Playing in the park and with scooters

  104. Pooky says:

    Hi, I am following you with Networked Blogs as Stephanie Cheung-Tsang

  105. Victoria Howe says:

    Be outside as much as possible…so much fun o be had for very little cost

  106. tabbaz123 says:

    Don’t take the weather for granted – Already highlight indoor and outdoor activities!

  107. Kids love creative wether it’s cooking, getting messy or making things, you can do both indoors or outdoors and it keeps the week cheap

  108. Karis says:

    See if there is a local fair on.

  109. Rachel says:

    quality relaxing family time

  110. My top tip is! days out. Long Walks. Picnics. Feeding the ducks – it doesnt have to be a massive expense and keeps them busy.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Save vouchers for free and cheaper days out – Clubcard vouchers, Nectar card and 2 for 1’s all help reduce the cost dramatically!


  112. Get outside as much as possible

  113. marnellfox says:

    be prepared for anything!

  114. i love the bookbarn international- loads of cheap second hand books so the kids can choose whatever they like to buy

  115. Anonymous says:

    Get out and about – loads of fresh air. Lots of messy play at home x

    sarah hines

  116. Jamie-Lee says:

    Play outside as much as possible and keep busy 🙂

  117. plan things, and make a timetable, even plan some down time

  118. Picnics…Cheap and lots of fun

  119. Joanne Benham says:

    Getting loads of fun in the fresh air – as much as the weather will allow anyway!! 😀

  120. Tammy Tudor says:

    make the most of the outdoors – whatever the weather! 🙂

  121. Made up games – lots of fun

  122. abbyed33 says:

    research things going on in your local area on the internet, usually lots of free fun and check local papers too

  123. go a nature trail photograph and draw all the birds and flowers that you see

  124. Anonymous says:

    Lots of crafts, walks outside. Doesn’t need to cost anything.

  125. Rebecca Lis says:

    Lots of fun activities

  126. ammaline says:

    Plan activities in advance to make the most of each day

  127. Get outdoors, try and do as many different things as possible and make sure they get early nights so you can have your much needed glass of wine (or two!!) 😉

  128. KirstyL says:

    have a fun day out at the park with all their friends and a picnic

  129. jen jackson says:

    Plan lots of activities including indoor ones incase it rains!

  130. emma weaver says:

    lots of activities planned indoors as its forecast rain all week

  131. picnic in the park

  132. Victoria says:

    Plan both indoor and outdoor activities each day.

  133. Teresa Lee says:

    If the weathers good then hit the beach

  134. The weather has been awful here for a few days, so i have prepared lots of indoor fun! Such as maraca making, (Toilet tubes and pasta) and setting up camp with our pop up tent! Making a pretend Fire with our teddy bears picnic, and sharing marshmellows! xx

  135. I alternate between inside activities and outdoor activities that can be changed at short notice depending on the weather.

  136. matphil says:

    Plan different things for each day, could be just a walk to the park or a day of playing games, but it will break the day up and keep the children occupied.

  137. lastkisstoo says:

    Lots of days doing fun activities with their friends that they don’t often see out of school 🙂 x

  138. Naomib1980 says:

    Research ahead for things going on in your area x

  139. Kate Davies says:

    Something new everyday, be it bike ride or something as simple as trying out a new recipe. My son is only 10 months old but everyday we try something new, his favorite so far is sensory bottles.

  140. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    enrol them in a kids club

  141. Alison says:

    Try something new everyday, it could just be baking or a long walk but it gives them something to look forward to

  142. eddie britton says:

    Taking the kids out to the cinema, and then going to the amuesments, the kids absolutely love it..and they will sleep the night through!

  143. Donna Lawton says:

    To be stocked up with lots of craft items in case it rains. It’s a good job I follow my own advice as it’s done nothing but rain! x

  144. following via GFC as angieh

  145. my tip is to plan both indoor and outdoor activities as the weather is so unpredictable no matter what time of the year it is!

  146. jenniwren12 says:

    in case its rainy, get lots of crafty things and make lots of cards or little presents

  147. rachael jones mann says:

    i have a rainy day box ….. in it i keep …

    £5 (the amount needed for our local soft play area)
    pens , pencils , chalks , paints , glitter , paper , paper plates , material cut offs etc etc etc !! ….. my son can get busy with crafting followed by an afternoon at the softplay area

    so my top tip is …… BE PREPARED FOR WET WEATHER DAYS !

  148. piggy11 says:

    Pray for good weather, Ball pit swimming or the beach as we live near one!

  149. keep kids busy even if its running around in garden

  150. THE LOCAL SWING PARK, great free fun 🙂

  151. v82chris says:

    Go with the flow and try to enjoy spending time with the kids. If it’s sunny head outside to a park or the garden. If it’s raining paper and colouring pencils always keep them happy.


  152. Dorothee77 says:

    We just go to the park, do cycle and go to the cinema! we keep it simple!

  153. nikilily says:

    lots of crafts and making things

  154. Getting outside! The park, the zoo, the beach!

  155. Louise A says:

    Bike rides and picnics!

  156. lisaell says:

    picnic’s and long walk on quantocks.

  157. plenty of glue, card, paint, bits and bobs, playdough, especially for when the weather is awful outside

  158. drcat1981 says:

    Keep things indoors as a back-up for the usual British weather

  159. zeenie says:

    bike rides to a park you havent been to before

  160. Robyn Clarke says:

    Be prepared, have rainy day activities lined up well before the time

  161. Start saving up craft things ready for the british weather, children love nothing more than a pot of glue to get messy with xxxx

  162. Anonymous says:

    visit any free entry museum—preferably a natural history

  163. I always have the make box out it keeps the kids busy for ages

  164. LauraC88 says:

    Picnics at the park are great way to have fun and tire kids out 😉 xx

  165. a good sky tv subscription ! lol
    , swimming at the local baths is inexpensive , trips to the park , walks and painting or craft activities for our usual british weather :O)

  166. kelandab says:

    Meeting up with friends, boredom sets in when they are in company of the same people day in day out!

  167. Peanutbunny says:

    Make plans for when the weather is horrible! There is nothing worse than having kids stuck inside bored complaining there is nothing to do! Have plenty of craft activities at hand or get them to do some baking or meet up with friends. 🙂

  168. olivia280177 says:

    We have a National Trust pass and our nearest has both indoor and outdoor play areas.

  169. cathyj says:

    do something every day that wont cost money, beach, parks and take snacks/picnics with you

  170. rm95 says:

    planning the week ahead, rather than deciding what to do on the day, but also don’t make it too packed, kids like to be at home too

  171. laura avery says:

    Lego!! We have a local jumble sale that runs weekly and we managed to find a huge stack of lego a whole massive kit for £6 ..kept us all amused for a good few hours

  172. joanna_kow says:

    museums and local parks

  173. Trudi Walsh says:

    Organise a picnic, weather permitting. Getting out is a great way to break up the day and get a little fresh air, even if it’s only to the local park. If the weather isn’t that great then have a carpet picnic, grab a few board games & play!

  174. claire thomson little says:

    get a babysitter 😉

  175. lovely country park walks in the sun and for those rainy days lots of baking!

  176. snarepuss says:

    playdates at homes and woods 🙂

  177. krnries says:

    Use Tesco Clubcard points to organise a couple of days out – we went to Cadbury World yesterday – the kids had an amazing time!

  178. sheridarby says:

    Long walks – unless it rains – then museums

  179. Caroline says:

    Plenty of walks in pretty places with a picnic packed.

  180. Jo says:

    Lots of craft activities

  181. get outdoor, kids can run about and tire themselves out

  182. Anonymous says:

    great weather and being outdoors

  183. Edney Rachel says:

    Collect stones and paint them – I let the kids use my old nail varnishes, so I had a clear out and they had fun.

  184. Kristy Brown says:

    Treasure hunts can be turned into nature trails, or indoor ones into ‘housekeeping’ without them realising!

  185. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    Having lots of craft things to keep the occupied if the weather is bad x

  186. emmy fisher says:

    Just spending as much time with the family as possible!

  187. Get outdoors…kids love going out and seeing things instead of being stuck at home all day, the fresh air makes bedtime a lot easier too 😉

  188. always have the the craft box full there is always something for us all to do as a family 🙂

  189. Anonymous says:

    Have plenty of ‘Rainy Day’ activities at the ready as this weather is so unpredictable!!


  190. HayleyT says:

    My top tip for half-term, especially when it’s pouring down and chilly, is to have a cinema day! We snuggle up on the sofa, with lots of DVD’s and snacks, like popcorn and nacho’s, just like we are at the cinema and spend the day having lots of movie fun in our pj’s!

  191. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Do things that don’t cost a fortune otherwise the kids might expect it every day of the holidays. Try a picnic one day, crafts at home another,planting seeds in the garden and other low cost ideas.

  192. Laura Purdon says:

    Visit family you might not otherwise see, go for a picnic (weather permitting!) and go out to a cafe / restaurant for at least one meal (money permitting!). If half term happens to be rainy (like now!) have wellies and raincoats at the ready.

  193. Clare davies says:

    lots of days out planned even if its just a trip to the park and if its rainy and miserable lots of things to do at home like baking or painting or nothing better than a movie duvet day!

  194. Anonymous says:

    Soft play areas are great for wet days like today


  195. Dave Jackson says:

    painting,playing sports

  196. Tracy Parkinson says:

    set a budget,stick to it. It doesnt have to cost the earth, make cakes, draw pictures, grow cress go to the park

  197. JOHN T MEAD says:

    Go swimming or a run with fun up in the park!

  198. cheryl100 says:

    I always use my Tesco vouchers so that we can have fun days out

  199. taylor willbourne says:

    save up move before handto take them lots of places!:)

  200. poppy101 says:

    Keep some raindy day activities e.g. craft things home for the children to keep them occupied when it rains.

  201. Near us is a fantastic park, pond and museum. Take a picnic and a bag and ball, bubble wands and lots of fun.

  202. emily13 says:

    Getting out and about and finding things that are free or cheap to do such as free museums or a picnic in the local park.

  203. Anonymous says:

    check out money saving expert for offers on family days out, 2 for 1s etc. can then do lots of different things for half the price. take picnics and make a day of it.

  204. nicj08 says:

    doing plenty of activites with the children and keep them occupied x

  205. kayleigh dudley says:

    it doesnt have to cost! try getting the kids to help re-paint/decoupage some old furniture, do the gardening and see who can find the most creepy crawlies,baking

  206. zoboze says:

    Library on rainy days. Local park on sunny days!

  207. zoboze says:

    Already follow by networkedblogs – Zoe Howarth

  208. liz ferguson says:

    day trip to the beach!

  209. shab daud says:

    when going out, dont forget the kids 🙂

  210. Tara Davies says:

    Hide and seek (basically, me hiding for a week) 😀 xx

  211. BeX says:

    if it’s sunny, get outside!

  212. Kim Sly says:

    Lot’s and Lots of activities or lets go and see nany and grandad x

  213. Don’t go overboard, cheap stuff like a picnic can be fun too 🙂

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