F&F Clothing Review – Celebrating in Style

Last weekend saw Dad of 3’s birthday and to celebrate we decided to go out for a family meal with my parents, dad of 3’s mum and my sister and her partner.  So when F&F got in touch about 10 days before to see if we would like to review some clothes from their children’s range I thought it would be ideal.  
One of dad of 3’s interests is comic books, in particular DC Comics, Superman and Batman and Marvel’s uncanny X-men.  The boys over the last six months have started sharing this interest and as Rowan is already Batman mad this has been something he can share with his dad.  After having a look through the F&F clothing website I could see that there were quite a few items that would fit into a comic theme.  So having discussed with dad of 3 the possibility of having a theme for his birthday meal, we decided it would be fun to go with a Comic book hero theme.  
I decided to let the boys choose what they would like to wear themselves from the selection 
Trystan Choose this Superman T-shirt costing from £6

Luc choose this Iron Man T-shirt costing from £6

Rowan opted for this Superman T-shirt costing from £5
I then choose these jeans for Trystan and Rowan  costing from £5 
Luc said he didn’t want any new jeans as had some already.  Then I started looking for Erin, unfortunately F&F don’t do any comic or superhero clothing for girls.  So I decided to look for something else for her.  In the end I opted for two items, a 3 piece set and a dress because I couldn’t decide between the two.  So decided to see what they looked like on her.  

Glasses print top, tights and shorts set £12
Star Print Skater Dress £7

From placing the order the clothes took about two days to arrive.  I checked them over but decided to put them away until dad of 3’s birthday.  So then last Saturday evening I brought all the clothes down for the boys to get ready.  The boys were so pleased with their outfits and had a lot of fun posing for the camera!  Even Erin wanted to show off her outfits. 

Having tried both Erin’s outfits on her, she seemed to prefer the 3 piece set, in fact she wouldn’t take it off!  so we decided to go with that one for the meal.  Even dad of 3 wore his Superman t-shirt to the meal.  Dad of 3’s mum had come to spend the night with us and we headed out to the local Indian restaurant as Indian is dad of 3’s favourite food, where we met everyone else.  
We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours chatting and enjoying the food.  The children were all very well behaved.  Thankfully no one spilt any food on their new clothes which was something I was worried about and can be a hazard of Indian food!  I think Dad of 3 enjoyed his surprise cake and sparkler too which was kindly supplied by my mum. 
I have washed all the clothes and the t-shirts have already been worn again.  They have all washed well and look like new.  The children absolutely love their new clothes.  When I told dad of 3 how much the items were, he like I thought they were good value for money.  

Thank you F&F for helping us to celebrate dad of 3’s birthday in style.  
Disclaimer:  We were sent the clothing items featured in this post for the purpose of the review however the words and thoughts within this post are 100% my own.  

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