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We love adventures here and quite often the best ones happen when no planning is involved and the weather is not brilliantt.  The boys love the opportunity to get out in the rain and explore the garden.  So when I saw the Little Adventure Challenge with Barny I thought it would provide some fun adventures, so applied to take part. 
We were sent two packets of Barny cakes, a fantastic Bug Barn kit and a DK Bugs book to help us on our way.
I had seen some packs of Barny in one of our local supermarkets but had not bought any, so the boys were really curious to give them a go.  Barny is available in two flavours, Chocolate and Milk and we received a pack of each to try.  To say the boys were excited when they got home to find the hamper would be an understatement.  They nagged me for twenty minutes for a Barny to try, usually I try to get them to do homework before they have a snack but I had to give in on this occasion. 
They opted to try the chocolate Barny’s first and after the first bite they couldn’t eat the bear-shaped sponge cakes quick enough.  Once finished Trystan quickly informed me “It was delicious” and asked for another  oneLuc and Rowan were quick to ask for another one two, Erin also had one and although at first seemed a bit surprised when she got to the filling, she ate it all.  In fact when dad of 3 got home that evening the boys managed to persuade him into letting them have another Barny when I popped out for five minutes!  

The boys were also keen to use the Bug Barn kit straight away too.  They all spent some time looking through the Bugs book and examining the different pieces of the bug barn kit.  By which time it was dark so bug hunting was going to have to wait for another day.  

In fact the boys have used the Bug Barn kit several times since it arrived, it’s gone with us to explore a big field, to the wildlife centre and even the beach.  But today while dad of 3 was assembling kitchen unit’s and I was seeing to Erin the boys seized the opportunity in between showers to explore the garden.  Initially when I realised they had gone outside I wanted to call to them to put coats on as it’s quite cold today but after watching them for a few minutes I could see how immersed in the task they were and I didn’t want to disturb them.    The older two had been asking why the chickens always seem to head for the same area’s of the garden when they are let out.  Dad of 3 had explained to them it was because they always found the best bugs to eat in those places!  They had remembered this and were having a closer look themselves.  The chickens weren’t too happy to see their spots being investigated and watched from a distance.  

I love the fact that they all had their roles in their bug hunt, Rowan was taking a closer look for the bugs, Luc was capturing them in pots so that they could be identified and Trystan was looking up the bugs in the bug book to see what it said about each one.  I’m pretty sure if Erin had been awake she would have found a way to join in.  

I managed to take a few pictures without disturbing them and headed back inside to watch them through the window with a cup of tea in hand.   They spent a good hour in the garden lifting bags and pots and looking behind drainpipes and the rabbit hutches.  It was a pretty harmonious hour too with no fighting and shouting which was lovely to watch from a distance.  They worked well as a team and between them helped each other and managed to find lots of different bugs in the garden, proving that adventures really do start at home.  

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here

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  1. Really good to see the bug hunting kit going to good use. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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