Spooktactular offers from Marks and Spencer

Last night we enjoyed an evening of spooky fun with a little help of some Halloween goodies from Marks and Spencer.  We were very kindly sent some Halloween treats last week for us to enjoy, the goodies included a Spooky Shadow Theatre, some paper chains, Poisonous Scorpions, Scardy Cats, Witches Hair, Super Scary Skulls and 6 Scary stretchy jellies.
We usually have a Halloween tea on Halloween but this year the older two are going to be at their grandma’s for a few days so we decided to have it a couple of days early.  To get us in the Halloween mood we got out the decorations and the boys helped me place them around the toy room, hall and sitting room.  Then yesterday afternoon the boys sat down with dad of 3 and decided what they would like on their pumpkins.  Dad of 3 then set about busily carving the pumpkins for the children.  After two hours he had carved four pumpkins, one for each of the children.  You can see them by popping over and having a look at this week’s Silent Sunday
Then at 6pm I started to prepare the Halloween tea.  While dad of 3 lite the pumpkins and the boys turned on the Halloween lights, setting the scene for our tea.  Once the table was laid we all got stuck in to a buffet style tea.  The boys quickly ate up the savoury items so that they could try the Scardy Cats, Supper Scary Skulls and Scary stretchy jellies.  Needless to say that all were eaten before dad of 3 and myself could try any so that has to mean they have the boys seal of approval.  I then opened the Poisonous Scorpions to try, the scorpion shaped crisps are pickled onion flavoured and were really tasty, one of those things that once you have tried one you can’t stop eating! 
With tummies full of Halloween treats the boys decided it was time to put on a spooky shadow play with the aid of the shadow puppet theatre we had been sent.  The theatre was very easy to put together and we placed it on the children’s table with a torch positioned on the table behind.  The boys then took it in turns to put on a show using the pieces supplied and some Lego duplo figures.  We were all really impressed with how effective the shadow theatre was and we spent a good hour being entertained by the boys.  Priced at £7.50 the shadow theatre is extremely good value for money and is something we will be using again and again.  
Marks and Spencer has a variety of Spooky offerings available in store from tableware, snacks, decorations and dressing up costumes.  We thoroughly enjoyed the products we were sent and I will be making sure I pop into my nearest Marks and Spencer for some other Halloween goodies.  
Thank you Marks and Spencer for helping us have a spooktacular evening of Halloween fun.
Disclaimer:  We were sent the Halloween items by Marks and Spencer for the purpose of this post however the content of this post is 100% my own words, thoughts and feelings.  

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  1. Emma Clement says:

    I bought some of the M&S Halloween chocolate lollipops – they were intended for our Halloween night but they’ve all been eaten already! Oops! Will have to look out for some of the other goodies when I’m replacing them 🙂

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