The boys entry for Kids Capture the Colour

Like many parents since having children I have become a bit snap happy, taking photographes at every opportunity, trying to capture precious moments documenting memories for us to look back at.  As the boys have grown up they have become used to me asking them to pose, or watching me photograph various elements of our daily life.  So its only natural that they would want to do the same.  It’s not unusual for me to find one of the boys has picked up my camera or my mobile and is snapping away.  Usually I don’t discover this until I flick through the albums on my phone or on the camera and it always leads to great amusement when I do.  
Back in August I discovered that Travel Supermarket were running a competition for children called “Kids Capture the Colour”.  I immediately thought it would be perfect for the boys and an opportunity to really let them be creative.  So I quickly entered and was thrilled to find out shortly afterwards that I was one of the first 100 who would receive a digital camera to help the children ‘capture the colour’.  When I told the boys about the competition and that we had been lucky enough to be receiving a camera for them to use they were very excited and couldn’t wait to start snapping away.  
So for the last six weeks the boys have seized every opportunity to take pictures, both at home and when out and about.   There are five categories for the competition: White, Yellow, Green, Blue and RedGoing through the photographes I can see how they have progressed from the first week to a few days ago, I’m very proud of their pictures, the thought and time they have put into them.  I hope they keep taking photographes and develop their technique.  
So here you go here are their entries for “Kids Capture the Colour Competition”.

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