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The other day dad of 3 and I were talking about the fact the children all seem to enjoy music. Erin already has very particular about the music she likes. As a family there is nearly always music on somewhere in the house, in the kitchen while I am cooking and baking, in the sitting room when dad of 3 is reading and when in our cars.
Both dad of 3 and myself have slightly different tastes in music so the children have always been exposed to a variety. I like classical music, musical theatre and a mix of modern and old. While dad of 3 likes rock, electric, heavy metal music and sound tracks. I have to admit that you are just as likely to catch me with children’s cd’s on these days too especially when I’m working. So you will find a mix of Sali Mali, Pentre Bach ( a welsh preschool programme) and nursery rhymes in the kitchen cd player. We also spend a lot of time listening to audio books.
It always makes us smile when an advert on tv comes on or a song on the radio and the children suddenly join in and start dancing. Where the older boys are concerned they have older two have started taking an interest in music and talk about their favourite artist or group with their friends. Dad of 3 has put some of the tracks he has on his tablet that Erin enjoys listening to onto our innotab for her to listen too whenever she wants. She has made us all laugh by putting the music on and carrying the innotab around with her dancing along to the songs.
Growing up I remember listening to my parents music and over the years thoroughly enjoyed certain artists. I remember listening to Madam Butterfly and Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel in the car with my dad and even now still enjoy listening to them. My dad has always loved Opera and as myself and my siblings have grown up has taken us to see various operas. I love the fact I was exposed to a variety of music growing up and hope I can do the same for my children.
As Christmas is approaching and it also marks my dads birthday I am usually quite lost for ideas where he is concerned. But as we have all been discussing music lately I thought a nice idea would be to look to see if I could get my dad tickets to an opera he would like. Unfortunately Madam Butterfly is not playing anywhere at present or in the next few months but I have come across Rodelinda, which is another Opera I remember him talking about.
Ironically this discussion has also led us to discuss Ballet and theatre productions. Dad of 3 would love to see Swan Lake, a Ballet I was taken to see as a young girl by my dad. We are lucky that we do get the Ballet coming to our local theatre and now with live theatre or opera events the opportunity to see shows that we would have had to travel to see previously are now so much more accessible. I hope as the children grow up we will be able to expose them to more and more events like these.

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