My favourite Leftover Sandwich – Hellmann’s ‘Sandwich of the Century’ Challenge

Over the last fortnight I have been taking part in the Hellman’s ‘Sandwich of the Century’ Challenge.  I was challenged to use left over food to make sandwiches in a bid to minimise food waste and make our food stretch further. 
As a mother of four children we have our fair share of leftovers but I along with dad of 3 have been believers of trying to use as much as our food as possible in order to reduce our food waste.  So when I saw this challenge I knew it was for us!  Admittedly we do go through phases of being better at using leftovers, this is mainly due to being too busy to make something with them.  But it is not unusual for us to make a Cawl (soup) out of left over meat or pies.
To help us come up with some left over sandwich ideas we were sent a bottle of Hellman’s Mayonnaise
I often end up eating left overs and its not unusual for me to use leftovers to make a sandwich, however I’ve never really added Mayonnaise to them.  So this was something new to me.  
One of my favourite leftover sandwiches has to be a fish finger sandwich, I’m not sure why it’s so delicious but it’s been a favourite since I was a child.  Usually I wouldn’t like fish cold but put them in a sandwich and it’s a different story.  So this last week when we have had fish fingers for tea there has been a couple left so after the children are asleep I’ve made myself a sandwich and added some Hellman’s Mayonnaise.  I have to say it works really well with cold fish fingers, dad of 3 however is not convinced by the whole concept of fish finger sandwiches.   
Fish finger Sandwich
I find week day mornings can be really busy with getting all four children ready to take the boys to school and starting work.  As I work from home it’s not unusual for me to only grab a slice of toast for breakfast and then when I get back have something else.  Since we have started keeping chickens we have a constant supply of eggs and with the colder weather I have been making egg or bacon sandwiches for the boys.  So there is often some bacon left over as well as a slice of toast.  So with the challenge in mind I have started trying to use the cold bacon and toast to make a brunch sandwich.  I’ve been experimenting with ‘brunch’ sandwiches using the cold bacon, a fried egg and recooking the toast when cooking the egg to make fried bread.  Honestly you have to try this because it is delicious.  I’ve tried adding some salad if we have any left in the fridge and tomatoes if we have any too, then top it off with some Hellman’s Mayonnaise, uuummmmm 
Brunch Butty
Our ‘brunch butty’ has become a firm favourite with myself and Erin who will happily eat half of the sandwich all to herself!  This challenge has helped me view leftovers in a new light and the addition of the Hellman’s Mayonnaise really makes the sandwich complete.  It’s kind of hard to describe why but it just works well with leftovers and with a little imagination and willingness to try new combinations you are sure to discover some new favourite sandwiches.    I’ve gone from rarely eating Hellmann’s Mayonnaise to eating it every other day!  

Hellman’s ‘Sandwich of the Century’ Challenge is part of Hellman’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, if you would like more information you can find it here

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