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I know and understand the importance of self-examination every month however it is easy to keep track of when I should be doing it especially when I am running around after four children. Some how remembering to self-examine ends up being pushed down my list of things to do and I am sure I’m not alone. Like a lot of women though somehow I always manage to squeeze in some time on twitter or facebook, for me it’s usually when I am sat waiting in the car for the boys to finish school or an activity and with the development of technology we can check them out on the go.
So with this in mind Nestle Fitness have developed something that combines both social media and helping to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, introducing the Tweeting Bra

The Tweeting Bra is the first bra that bra that sends a tweet every time you unhook it. Each time it is unhooked a tweet the bra sends a message to a mobile phone which has a designated @TweetingBra account. Which then sends a tweet to all it’s followers to remind them about the monthly self-examination, how clever is that. It is all thanks to a low-voltage bluetooth unit which is located in the hook of the bra.
Maria Bakodimou a Greek actress has been wearing the Tweeting Bra since November 19th and will continue to do so until December 1st, in a bid to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer and the importance of self-examination.

Approximately 55,000 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year, making it the most common form of cancer in the UK. Self-examination is extremely important in terms of early detection of Breast Cancer. If you are diagnosed now with Breast Cancer you are twice as likely to survive compared to if you had been diagnosed forty years ago.
Why not follow @TweetingBra on twitter and retweet their tweets to help spread the word. For more information you can also visit The Tweeting Bra website here
This post is sponsored by Nestle Fitness but all the thoughts and content of the post are 100% my own.

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