Henwatch update and an amazing advert I found!

Since we adopted five ex battery hens last September the entire family has loved having them as part of the family.  Over the last four months each of the chickens has shown its own unique character which you just can’t help loving.  From Bertha aptly named due her size and bravado strutting around as if she owns the place to Roadrunner who like her name sake loves to dart around the garden to her hearts content.  

They have grown used to us too and love to be stroked or picked up for a cuddle.  They will follow dad of 3 around the garden and happily eat from his hand.  The cats have adapted to having them in ‘their’ garden and seem to have established who’s ‘boss’! The cheeky chickens never pass up an opportunity to polish off any food the cats have neglected to eat.  They have surprised us by not only enjoying meal worms and vegetables but have shown their also partial to a bit of meat!  This became obvious when dad of 3 was giving the cats some left over ham and the ‘girls’ were quick to grab it from their claws and dart around the garden chasing each other trying to take it off each other.  Needless to say this was quite amusing to watch.  The poor cats had no choice but to accept they had lost out on their intended treat.    It certainly feels like we made the right decision taking the ‘girls’ on.  The fact that we have an abundance of eggs is a bonus and means that you can often find me baking several times throughout the week much to the children and dad of 3’s delight.  
This week I came across an advert which has made dad of 3 and myself smile and I thought I would share it with you.  The advert features chickens demonstrating natures way of maintaining stability while moving.  It us chuckle due to the chickens faces, they actually seem to be enjoying themselves.  We know how much our ‘girls’ enjoy a fuss and we just can’t help watching it over and over again.

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