Dear Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae

All week I’ve sat and thought about the words to write to you and if I should write at all.  But I wanted you to know how much you have touched so many people.

A year has passed since you closed your beautiful eyes.  A year that’s brought a community together to help support your wonderful mummy and remember you.  Although I never had the chance to meet you, I knew you.  That contagious smile and your sparkling eyes that you just couldn’t help smiling back at from the pages of your mummy’s blog. Your cheeky grin when you were having fun with your brother and sister.  I like so many loved reading about your days and adventures.  Pictures of you all smiling and having fun.  

This year has seen the blogging community wrap its arms around your mummy and hold her close, reaching out across cyber space when she needed us most.  We’ve held her hand and in doing so yours, we’ve wiped her tears and cried with her on so many times, as we’ve  wished so desperately to take away her pain.  Wonderful things have been done in your memory, A Mile for Matilda Mae, Sky diving and the planning now for Matilda Mae’s Barn Dance.  
Each time I read your mummy’s words I remember you Matilda Mae.  Sometimes I’m lost for words, sometimes words aren’t enough but I read on.  A pain a parent should never have to experience, an unimaginable pain but know this little one, your legacy lives on, helping so many families in times of need. 
Sleep tight sweet angel and know that you are always in our thoughts, you have touched so many people in your short life.  Sweet dreams Matilda Mae


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