Project 365 – Week 25

This week has seen me attending Britmums Live on Friday and Saturday thanks to my lovely sponsor Breathease.  The run up to me going away to the event was full of the usual daily tasks, school run, housework, work etc which is just as well as it took my mind off thoughts of actually going away.  Don’t get me wrong I was really looking forward to going and seeing old friends, meeting new one and learning lots of things.  However I was a little anxious about leaving Erin for the first time and also as I have been trying to wean Erin off breast milk for several months quite unsuccessfully it added to my anxiety but I know this would hopefully help finally end our breastfeeding journey after 27 months.   
We’ve also had another week of glorious weather here in West Wales and while we have suffered at night with the heat we have been able to enjoy the garden more.  Thankfully the last few days has seen a breeze develop and this in turn has made things a bit more manageable.  So fingers crossed for a bit more of this lovely weather.  Here’s what we have been up to this week.
Sunday 15th June 2014 
Today was Father’s Day, after a leisurely morning relaxing with Dad of 3 and the children we popped over to my parent’s house to see my Dad.  We spent a lovely forty minutes with him and he loved his gifts.  He spent some time chatting to dad of 3 about herbs and tomatoes which resulted in us coming away with several plants to add to our garden.  We then spent several hours in our garden potting and watering our new additions!  I also popped up to B&Q and picked up some strawberry plants. 
Monday 16th June 2014
I haven’t had the chance to bake much in the last fortnight so tonight while dinner was cooking I ceased the opportunity.  While the cupcakes were cooling I decided to attempt a new frosting to me in the hope my decorating techniques would be improved!  I had seen a lovely vlog over on A Residence  with the lovely Penny and Emily from A Mummy Too where Emily was showing us easy decorating techniques.   I’m sure some of you will remember my recent icing disaster and I really wanted to improve!  So these are the end result and the frosting was so easy to make and I’ve even frozen the left over frosting to use later.  They went down a treat so I think I’ll be using this technique again.  If you fancy having a look at the vlog you can here 
Tuesday 17th June 2014 
Last week I bought myself a new sun hat, I don’t usually wear hats but with the recent hot weather decided I should have one.  Erin has been trying to get her hands on it since she saw it!  While I was ironing this evening she appeared wearing it and looked so pleased with herself!
Wednesday  18th June 2014 

With only two more sleeps to go until Britmums Live I decided I really had better make a start on packing my bag this evening.  This year’s bag was decidedly smaller without all the baby paraphernalia,  it certainly did feel strange not having to pack any children’s things this time. 
Thursday 19th June 2014 

I discovered at the beginning of the week that Friday’s keynote speaker at Britmums Live, Emma Freud liked to wear tiara’s when speaking anywhere.  With this in mind all attendees were asked to also wear tiara’s during her keynote.  I had a look locally but couldn’t find one so on Monday had ordered one online and hoped it would arrive in time.  Thankfully this afternoon it did and was duly packed. 
Friday 20th June 2014 
 Eek Britmums Live has finally arrived!  I had an early start to make my 8.18am train.  The station is an hour away and I had to park so set off at 7am just in case.  My mum was travelling with me as I didn’t want to travel alone and it was a nice opportunity to spend some time just the two of us.  The lovely TheBoyandMe travelled on the same train and we shared a taxi across London together.  While I attended Britmums Live my mum had other plans so we arranged to meet for dinner in the evening.  It was a really good feeling to be at Britmums Live again and I managed to attend a few sessions throughout the afternoon and also spent some time talking to different brands that were there.  
Then in the evening I meet my mum again and we went in search of something to eat.  We came upon the Barbican Centre which was just around the corner and decided to take a look.  In the court yard on the other side of the centre we found a lovely food court where we enjoyed homemade fish and chips and then went to sit by the water outside.  It never ceases to amaze me how you suddenly stumble across green areas etc in the middle of very built up areas in London.  
Saturday 21st June 2014
A full day at Britmums Live today.  I can honestly say that I feel I learnt a lot this year and hope to implement some of the things in the coming weeks and  months.  I managed to catch up with some blogging friends and had the chance to meet others.  At lunch time I spent some time enjoying the garden with the lovely MummyBird 
Unfortunately we had a bit of a nightmare journey home in the evening due to cancelled trains from Paddington.  Which resulted in having to get the underground to Waterloo, then a train to Bassingstoke, another to Reading, then one to Cardiff Central before one to Carmarthen.  I was very grateful to have my mum with me or I’d have been lost!  I can honestly say I for one was so relieved to finally be on a train to Carmarthen.  We eventually arrived at Carmarthen over two hours later than our original train was due.  Then we had an hours drive home where I was greeted with a cup of tea and toast!  What an adventure! But a big thank you to my sponsor Breathease for making it possible to attend. 

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  1. Lovely photo’s from the week, sounds like a fab time also at Britmums!

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    it was so lovely to see you honey 🙂 xx

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