42 Days of Summer

Last Summer we had a lovely time despite a lot of wet days but due to the rain we failed to get out as much as I would have liked too.  Before the boys broke up for the Summer holidays I made a promise to myself that I would try and get them out in the fresh air for at least one hour every day over the Summer holiday.  I knew that if they had it their way the whole Summer would consist of games consoles and TV! and we would end up upsetting each other.  This wasn’t something I wanted to happen so I was determined to keep them busy.

I knew I would probably get a few moans along the way from the boys but I was determined not to let them stop my plans!  The first week of the holidays we walked into town from home to visit the library so that the boys could start the Summer Reading Challenge.  They took part last year and thoroughly enjoyed it so I knew that it would be a hit again this year.  On our way into town the boys spent some time searching for grass hoppers as we could hear them chirping away in the grass.


After searching for a good twenty minutes we suddenly spotted one on the path and managed to capture it’s picture before it hopped back into the grass.  After visiting the library we enjoyed an ice cream before walking all the way home with a pit stop at Granny and Dadcu’s on the way.  By the time we reached home again we had been out for four hours and I was pleased that we had managed more than the hour I had aimed for.

The following day I was working so it meant I would have five children to get out into the fresh air.  So after nap time we headed out to the secondary school field which my parents house backs onto with magnifying glasses, picnic rug, bubbles, football, drinks and snacks.   We set up base under my parent’s oak tree and set about searching for bugs in the grass and undergrowth.  Erin seemed to enjoy this task more than the boys who simply wanted to play football!  They spent a good hour and a half running around with the ball until it was time to pack up and head home.


In fact the first week of the holidays saw us getting out and about every single day for over an hour.  All the children slept well as a result and the time spent in the house did not descend into bickering between the boys. 

The following week we managed to get out daily as well with trips to the local Shire Horse Farm, beach and wildlife park.  The glorious weather certainly helped with getting everyone out.  Although I did have to plan carefully as to the time of day we were out in and ensure I had plenty of drinks and sunhats and sun cream with us.

wildlife frame

We also managed an enjoyable trip to the annual agricultural show to see the animals and the boys even tried their hand at brick laying.   We certainly had a busy couple of weeks but made lots of memories in the process.  

Then the third week of the holidays saw the older two go to stay with their grandma for five days leaving the younger two at home.  I took Erin swimming the first day the boys were away which was lovely as we don’t often get the opportunity to go together just the two of us.  We made several trips out throughout the week but only for an hour each time as everyone seemed to be flagging a bit and Rowan was missing his brothers.

By the time the older two returned the weather had turned slightly cooler which as actually welcomed as none of us had slept well during the intense heat.  So with sleep restored we set about making our daily trips out.  Some days it was simply a walk to the library or maybe a stroll along the local pebble beach but we were out in the fresh air.


Over the last four weeks we have had a few quiet days where we’ve stayed in when too wet to venture out.  Those days have been sent crafting, making dens to relax in to have a  movie days.  Days like these are valuable in their own right, time to relax, time to take stock, time to simply enjoy each others company. 


climbing wall

We’ve also tired new things this holiday, last weekend we tried archery and water zorbs and all four children loved the climbing wall.

climbing tree

The boys have climbed trees at every opportunity, explored ponds and rolled down hills.  Yes we’ve had tears but the laughter has out weighed them but best of all our Summer has been full of making memories. 

Over the last two weeks one of the snacks that has become a favourite with us all is McVities BN’s.  The chocolate ones in particular have been a hit and have always gone down a treat when discovered in the snack bag.  Even myself and dad of 3 have enjoyed nibbling on these biscuits.  The pack is a good size to slip into a small bag for a quick snack when out and about and to be honest once the pack is open we’ve quickly polished them off!


42 days of Summer full of fun and laughter.  Memories made and shared.  I’ve managed to use resources that I already had at home.  Several of our day trips were with the local children’s centre and were free or significantly discounted.  We also had some free child entry vouchers for the annual agricultural show so cost was kept really low which is always a bonus with a family of six.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Getting out every day is such a great aim to have, especially when you have little boys. It really does do them good to be out of the house in the fresh air. It looks like you’ve had a really fun summer. x

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