Finding the perfect kitchen appliance

Most of you will know that for the last eighteen months we’ve slowly renovating our kitchen.  It’s a slow process due to finances and also time, it’s so hard getting things down with a young family and around work commitments.  So we’ve been working our way around the kitchen prioritising what needs to be done.

With Christmas now fast approaching my focus has shifted to trying to ensure we are ready for family and friends visiting.  Which means we have to finish building cupboards and drawers.  It also means I can finally start shopping for kitchen appliances, something I’ve strangely been looking forward to! It’s a task that dad of 3 doesn’t relish so I’ve been searching online in the hope of finding appliances I like to help the shopping trip easier.

We don’t have a very large kitchen so we have decided that we need to be sensible with what appliances we buy as they need to be practical.  With six of us in the house storage both for food and cooking/meal time essentials, really is a priority.  We also want to be able to store away some appliances when not in use, so compact appliances are high on our list. We’ve decided that we would like our larger appliances to be Stainless steel, mainly because we like the fresh clean look and it will work well with the colour scheme of the rest of the kitchen.

I found this great looking compact two door fridge freezer which would work really well for us.  Not only will it fit in the space we have but it has a component that helps keep food fresh and also keeps 99.9% of harmful bacteria away from the food inside the fridge freezer.  Additionally the energy efficiency rating is A++, we always look at energy efficiency when buying new appliances so that we can find out how economical they will be to run.

nr fridge freezerSomething I’ve discovered since having children is that having a microwave is very handy.  Microwaves enable me to warm up snacks for the children quickly without me having to turn on our oven which would also take too long to reach the temperature needed.  But they are also great for steaming vegetables in when you’ve run out of space on the hob.  Again we only have a small area of work surface available for a microwave so a compact one is a must.  This space saving microwave would be ideal for us.

panasonic microwave

Very cleverly the depth of this microwave has been reduced by 20% but without compromising the on the capacity.  It’s also a combination microwave which means you can use as a microwave, grill and convection oven.  It also has a whole host of features with 13 different auto programs.

As we found the perfect oven for us last Christmas we don’t need to look for another one.  Over the last two months I have bought a new kettle and toaster as our old ones had finally given up!  Then last week my trusted bread maker finally packed in.  I make a couple of loafs a week as well as bread rolls and it’s something the children all enjoy getting involved with.  This last week has been slightly strange without my usual routine of filling the bread maker after breakfast and then having a fresh loaf ready by lunch time.  So I really would like to find a replacement bread maker as soon as possible. 

panasonic breadmakerI’ve yet to attempt making jams and cakes in a bread maker but this clever breadmaker has modes which lets you make jam and compotes. You can also use different grains for different breads with 25 bread and dough modes.  It’s also easy to clean and bakes a loaf of bread in under two hours, fantastic for when you want fresh bread in a hurry.  It can also be easily stored in a cupboard when not in use which will free up work surface when I need it. 

So now I’ve found the appliances I think will work for us I just need to get dad of 3 to come and have a look at them in person.  Once these have been purchased we finally will be on the last leg of the kitchen renovation. 

Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post however the content of the post is 100% my own. 

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