Guest Post – Comic Relief Danceathon 2015 and why I’m taking part

Today I have a guest post for you by the lovely Caity who is taking part in Comic Relief’s Danceathon this weekend.  So over to Caity ….

Thank you so much Rebecca for letting me talk about the Danceathon on your blog, it is really kind of you. I have known about the Danceathon since about last April as my mum has been involved since it was first suggested by Comic Relief as being an idea And I just loved it as dancing for six hours feels a lot easier than climbing Snowdon (which my brother and step dad did two years ago, or the 25 mile bike ride my mum did). Who doesn’t love to dance?!

I roped in my bestie Kirsten because spending the day dancing with her will be fab. But the trouble is because we work together we are asking the same group of people for sponsorship, and need to raise £300. Thanks to Betfair though who have kindly said they will kickstart our fundraising we are half way there. We are doing whatever we can to raise the rest, including baking cakes to sell as baking is our other passion.

We know how much of a huge difference to people’s lives the money will make and that makes us determined to get as much as we can. My mum (Mummy Barrow) has just come back from Kenya as you probably know and all the stories she has told us are amazing. All the people she met are trying to do as much as they can to make their lives, and their children’s better and that is something that I am really proud to be helping with. People who can be trained in new skills for as little as £50 and this then means they can start running their own business, and providing for their family and getting out of poverty. It is amazing how that can be done with relatively small amounts of money.

And a whole afternoon of dancing! Giving up one day to do something that is great fun seems nothing really when we think what all 2000 of us are going to achieve. We have heard there are going to be 12 different sections, all with a different dance and a whole load of celebs. I really hope James Corden comes on as Smithy and gives us a team talk the beginning to get us all in the mood!

Despite the fact I am going to have to witness my mum and step dad dancing for 6 hours and being hugely embarrassing it is going to be the most amazing day ever, isn’t it? We can’t wait.

Caity and Kirsten
If anybody would like to sponsor us our fundraising page is here:

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